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Aftercare is something that many people do not think about when getting lash extensions, but it is essential. Aftercare for your lashes will ensure the longevity of your treatment and help you grow back stronger, healthier lashes. Aftercare can also be used to treat any irritation or infection that may have resulted from the procedure. Here are 10 tips for aftercare with lash extensions!

Apply the Lash Oil

– After your appointment, many salons will provide you with a small container of oil. This is an important component of aftercare and should not be ignored! You can apply the lash oil as often as needed throughout the day for any discomfort or dryness that may arise from your extensions.

Make Lashes Breathe

– Your lashes need room to breathe just like we do! After your appointment, it is best to avoid wearing any mascara or using oil-based products on lashes. These will make the glue swell and can cause lash loss around the extensions if they are not properly removed by a professional.

Avoid Moisture for 12 Hours

– Aftercare for lash extensions starts before you even leave the salon! You should arrive with clean lashes that have been properly moisturized. After the drying time after your appointment, you should not expose lashes to any humidity or steam for at least 12 hours. This will help prevent lifting and shorten the longevity of your extensions!

Avoid Rubbing Lashes

– It is essential that you are gentle with all lash products during this first 24 hour period following your procedure. You can apply eye makeup, but be careful not to rub lashes against themselves or pull the extensions with force.

Avoid Oil Around Lashes for 24 Hours

– After your first 24 hours, you can begin using an oil-free makeup remover on lashes during cleansing routines. You want to avoid any oils for this entire aftercare period as they are too heavy and will cause lash loss! After removing eye makeup, you should use a soft cloth to lightly wipe the lashes. Afterward, you can apply your oil-free moisturizer as normal with the rest of your skincare routine.

Avoid Extreme Heat

– Your lash extensions are likely made from synthetic fibers and will not be able to withstand heat for an extended period of time. Avoid using heating tools such as hot rollers, curling irons, and flat irons on lashes during the entire aftercare period.

Stop Using Eyelash Curlers

– After your first week or so with lash extensions, you will want to stop using eyelash curlers as well! This will help prevent any accidental damage from occurring around your extensions. If one becomes loose, do not pull it off yourself! Instead, visit your lash professional immediately to prevent any damage.

Continue Treatment

– Aftercare for extensions is essential even after they have been removed! You can use the same oil you used during treatment on lashes in order to keep them healthy and hydrated throughout this process. Your lash expert should provide you with a list of products that are safe for removal so that you can continue treatment at home.

Maintaining After Removal

– As lash extensions grow out, it is important to maintain the health and beauty of your natural lashes! Aftercare for lash extensions should extend beyond after removal and into maintenance. You can use oil or an eye makeup remover on lashes every night before bed in order to keep them healthy and hydrated through this process. After removing eye makeup, you can apply your oil-free moisturizer as normal with the rest of your skincare routine.

Avoid Too Dry

– If lashes become too dry or brittle through this process, they may begin to fall out on their own! Aftercare for lash extensions includes maintaining healthy natural lashes throughout the entire lifetime of the extension by using oils and other lash products.


Aftercare for lash extensions is crucial to the health of your natural lashes. Aftercare starts before you even leave the salon and should extend beyond removal into maintenance!

The aftercare tips we’ve provided will help keep your lashes healthy, promote longevity, and maintain their beauty throughout this process. Be sure to follow all these steps carefully in order to ensure that your natural eyelashes are protected from damage or loss while extending the time between full treatments.

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