25 Ways to Get Clients for Your Lash Extension Business

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If you are considering starting a lash extension business, this post will provide 25 ideas to get you started. From networking events and Facebook groups to free social media marketing tools and large scale advertising campaigns, we cover it all here!

Networking event

Invite local business owners who would be interested in lash extensions to attend and gain new clients for your business. You can also offer free demonstrations at the end of the night to promote your services!

Social Media

Post about your lashes on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. In most cases, you will be able to use your personal profile for business purposes. However, if you do not have much of an audience yet consider creating a new page specifically about your lash extension services!

Facebook Ads

Add “lash extensions” as one of the keywords in your Facebook ads account. When people are searching for these types of products and services, they will see your ads.

Local news

Contact local news outlets and offer to give a demonstration for them! This is an excellent way to gain exposure in your area by reaching lots of potential clients at once. You can even ask if they would be interested in writing about you or creating a short video that could then go on their website, YouTube channel, etc.

Coupon in signature

Include a coupon for lash extensions in your email signature. This is an easy way to get new clients without any extra effort on your part!

Landing page

Create a free website or landing page about your lash extension business, and link it from the homepages of all social media profiles you have online.

Flyers with coupons

Put up flyers around town with coupons for discounts on lash extensions.

Video of applying lashes

Post a short video of yourself applying lashes to your personal social media profiles or YouTube channel. This is a great way to get more exposure from potential clients!

Price of lash extensions

Include the price of lash extensions in all advertisements, such as flyers and email signatures. This will help people who are considering getting them to know how much they should expect to spend.

Certain promo code

Create a promotional code that is only valid for certain events or promotions, and share it with your friends! This will get more people in the door when you are hosting an event since they can bring their friends along. Also, consider having a promotion exclusively online by offering different discounts on Facebook ads depending on how many people are in the group.


Send out a newsletter to your email list or social media followers once per week with updates about new products, events, promotions, and more! This is an excellent way to maintain communication with clients without coming off as “spammy” since it is only sent out once per week on average.

Flyer with information

Create a flyer about lash extensions and post it in all of the bathrooms at local businesses. This is a great way to reach new clients who are already on their way to work or other appointments!

Complimentary services

Offer complimentary treatments with every service purchased, such as facials or massages. You can also offer free trial sessions for people who have never had lash extensions before, which is an excellent way to attract new customers.

Special discounts

Offer discounts for buying multiple pairs of lashes or packages of monthly services at once. You can even offer free bundles with other products and services such as facials!

Local booth

Set up a booth at local events where you can sell both your business cards and coupons for lash extensions! This is an excellent way to gain more exposure and attract new clients.

Local PR

Hire a local PR firm that can help you get media coverage for your lash extension business, such as articles in magazines and newspapers or television interviews on the nightly news. Make sure they understand what sets your business apart from similar ones so that when potential clients are searching for lash extension services they will find your company!

Flash sale

Have a “flash sale” once per month where all products are discounted by 20% or more. This is an excellent way to attract new clients who have not yet tried out your business, and also helps existing customers get the supplies they need at lower prices so that you can keep them around for longer!

Lash extensions posts

Post photos of your lash extensions on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. This is an excellent way to gain exposure in the industry, and also helps you build a loyal following that will help recommend your business without any extra effort from you!

Ads with discounts

Take out ads online with coupons or discounts for lashes. This is an excellent way to gain exposure and attract new customers, as well as making it easy for potential clients who are looking at your ad online!

Discounts for current clients

Create a coupon flyer with coupons or discounts on lash extensions that can be printed out by current clients. This makes it easier for them to share the benefits of your services with their friends and family, which will in turn attract new clients to your business!

Lash of the month

Hold a monthly “lash of the month” contest where you showcase one set of lashes on social media. This is an excellent way to gain exposure without having to invest heavily into marketing each time, and also helps potential clients get excited about trying out lash extensions for themselves!

Employee bonus

Offer a bonus to any employee that brings in new clients. This is an excellent way for your employees to feel valued, and also ensures that they are performing well at their job since they have something extra nice to gain if they do!

Business cards

Make sure the business cards you hand out include both your name as well as all of your social media accounts. This is a great way to gain exposure in the industry and also makes it easier for clients to share their experiences with others in-person!

Local models

Hire local freelance models who can help promote your lash extension business at events such as runway shows, fashion shows, or photo shoots. You should always get permission from whoever is in charge of the event before charging for this, but it is a great way to gain more exposure and reach new clients who are looking at photos or videos online.

Discounts for referring

Offer discounts on your services for referring other lash extension businesses! This is an excellent way to attract new customers while also growing your business by networking with others in the industry.

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