8 Health Tips for Lash Artists

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8 health tips for lash artists

Without a doubt, lash extension is the quickest and most budget-friendly way to have an eye makeover. And lash artists have a very demanding yet rewarding career. 

As a lash artist, you may be spending a lot of time maintaining the same position when servicing a client. You may need to work long hours when there are too many customers. But working practically non-stop may harm your health. To ensure that you will always be at the peak of health and provide quality service without fail, here are 8 health tips.

Tip #1: Maintain a Good Posture to Avoid Neck or Back Pain

Even though you are busy with work, it is essential to maintain a good posture to avoid experiencing body pains. Hunching your back or leaning too far forward may lead to backaches or neck pains. It may also create back issues and possible posture problems in the long run when you don’t maintain a good posture.

To avoid possible problems, you may position the head of the client as close to you as possible. That way, you can work on your client’s lashes in a comfortable position. You can maintain your good posture if you don’t need to hunch your back or lean forward.

When you sit, you need to make sure that your two feet touch the ground. You may need to adjust the lashing bed to make it possible to sit comfortably without arching your back. Just make a position where you can rest your arms at a 90-degree angle without causing discomfort to the client.

If you think there’s a need to hunch over, you may bend from your hips instead. That way, you won’t lose your good posture.

Tip #2: Do Stretching Exercises

Your joints, blood circulation, and muscles will benefit from stretching exercises. Some of the stretching exercises that office workers often do may seem silly, but they work wonders. 

As a lash artist, you are sitting for a long time to ensure the quality of your work. But if you have free time, it is advisable to do stretching exercises. Try to give yourself a few breaks or stand up, walk around, and stretch during the day.

Tip #3: Take Good Care of Your Eyes and Stop Squinting

It is vital to have good eyesight, especially in your line of work. Straining or squinting your eyes while servicing a customer may give you blurred vision and headaches. If you are already having headaches and your vision is beginning to get blurry, many experts suggest using a reading or magnifying glasses when you do your work. You also can think about adding lights to your workstation or making your place brighter.

If you keep straining your eyes, your vision will suffer. You should consult an optometrist or an eye doctor to help you to prevent that from happening. You need to undergo regular eye checkups and follow your eye care provider’s recommendations. It may be required to wear contacts or glasses regularly or even undergo laser eye surgery.

Tip #4: Drink Water to Keep Your Body Hydrated

The human body is mainly made up of water. That’s why you need to keep your body hydrated to function well. You can keep your energy level up throughout the day if you have a well-hydrated body and have eaten a proper meal that provides the right nourishment.

It is also advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. You need to drink more on hot days. You also need to stay away from commercial drinks that contain too much sugar. If you can’t force yourself to drink plain water, you can prepare your fruit-infused water using the fruits in season.

Tip #5: Eat Healthy Foods and Stay Away from Unhealthy Habits

Everyone knows eating healthy foods is important to keep the body fit and healthy, but it is hard to insist. You need to keep your body well-nourished to stay focused for a long time when you perform your duty as a lash artist. And you need to eat foods that can provide you with the energy you need to last through the day and lessen fatigue. It is best to stay away from junk foods and keep a healthy diet.

It is also important to have enough sleep to replenish your vigor for the next day. Not having enough sleep for a long time can make your body sluggish, weak, unfocused, and slow. At the same time, you need to stay away from unhealthy habits, such as smoking and excessive drinking, to help keep your body working and functioning at an optimum level.

Tip #6: Dress Comfortably 

Wearing tight clothing can restrain your movements and make you uncomfortable. It may even intensify the body pain that you may begin to feel as you continue working. You may not be able to avoid a possible accident in your workplace or having an injury when the clothes you wear limit your movement.

Tip #7: Consider Reducing Your Working Hours

You should try to avoid overworking or pushing yourself too hard at work. It may be possible in the short term when you have more energy, but it won’t work out in the long run as you’ll eventually become exhausted and lacking in motivation.

Tip #8: Exercise Regularly and Never Miss a Schedule

Having regular workouts can help keep your body fit and active. You must also maintain a healthy diet and have enough rest to make it more effective. You may choose to go to a gym, do yoga, run, climb, walk, or do any exercise that you can accomplish regularly. Set a schedule and never miss it. Once you have missed a workout schedule, you may find it hard to get back on track.

You need to maintain a strong core that can help you sit and lash for long hours. Working out can also help reduce your stress and fatigue.

When you are well-rested and healthy, you will feel good about yourself and have more energy to expend. Take good care of yourself and gain more satisfied customers.

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