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We each have a different way of showing the world who we are, and ours is eyelashes.

There are so many lash combinations for clients to choose from! Colored lashes will make your eyes pop with color, D curl lashes can still flutter from every blink, and many more styles.

Today we’ll dive into B curl and CC curl. Let’s start.

B curl

Get a more natural lash line with B curl extensions!

The B curl is the second most natural lash on the market! Second only to the J curl, a common type of natural lash extension.

B curl lashes are for clients who have a penchant for realism but want to amp up the drama to make their lash line stand out. Our B Curl Volume Lashes are a favourite of many because of the beautifully natural look they offer. If you want to go for a more natural look, choose the B Curl Classic Lashes. They give you subtle but noticeable and glamorous lashes.

CC curl

Get more volume with our dramatic CC curl extension lashes!

The CC curl eyelash extension is like a C curl but with more curve. The base is short, straight and quickly curls outward.

The CC curl is a variation on the C curl that looks great on most eye shapes. The flare at the lash root allows for an open-eyed look. This is something your clients will love!

To create your perfect set of volume lashes, try CC Curl lash extensions. These extensions are perfect for clients with spunk who want to step up their game!

Make Your Lashing Game Even Better

Lash babes, this is all about the difference between B vs CC curl lash extensions. This article is not the end of your learning journey though – with all those types of lash extensions out there, you can always learn more!

Show off your lash boss talent, while making sure the client leaves with the best cosmetics!

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