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In this article, we will be discussing the difference between C Curl and J Curl lashes.

C Curl

When picking which lash to use, the C Curl is by far the most popular! It looks natural yet super sexy.

The C Curl is a great way to achieve a natural yet stunning makeup look, without all the hassle of makeup!

The C Curl offers dramatic length with a short, natural curl. It’s perfect for ladies looking for a more voluminous lash look who don’t choose to wear falsies.

Additionally, the C Curl works great on all eye shapes. So, if your client is looking for that natural lash with a little extra volume, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the C Curl!

J Curl

If you’ve ever had a customer who wanted an all-natural lash look, but couldn’t achieve the desired effect or results on their own… J Curl lashes are the answer to their prayers!

J Curl lashes are great for clients who have straight natural lashes. They have the least amount of curl in comparison to other lash curling techniques.

Another benefit of the J Curl is its length. Thanks to its slight curl at its tip, the eyelash extension will look longer than other lashes. That means clients can get more dramatic and luxurious looks with their lashes when you use the J Curl!

The Lash Journey Won’t Stop Here!

Whether that’s C-curve or J-curve, curl plays an important role. So does how you apply, and the tools you use. It all has to go hand in hand with what you want your lashes to look like in the end.

When it comes to lashing, there’s a whole world of information out there waiting to be explored. From tips from lash experts to how best to clean eyelash extensions, we’ve just touched the surface.

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