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By Amy Williams

Beauty is a hard thing to define. Every one of us thinks differently about what is beautiful and what is desirable. This is why its very important for you as a lash artist to manage your clients expectations before you start serving them. You wont be able to meet their expectations if you dont understand them first.

How disheartening is it when you get feedback from an unsatisfied client? Lashes not full enough? Lashes not long enough? Lashes haven’t held as long as a previous salon they have been to? Are we really communicating with our clients on their level? How do we address an unsatisfied client and how do we remedy? How do we prevent unhappy feedback?

Simple – Communication is essential

Without giving a correct consultation we open the book for bad feedback.

Client Consultation Form / Waiver

After meeting and greeting your client it is important they fill out a consultation form. You can start the process by adding questions like, is this for an event or every day wear? What kind of lash looks do they like?

Understand Your Client’s Needs

It’s often said that the best consultants are great listeners as well. As a lash technician, you need to be a great listener to understand the needs and the expectations of your client. Don’t assume you know what they want. Every client will come to you with certain expectation. Listen to them and understand their needs. When they’re done, give them your honest feedback. Is the outcome they desire achievable?

For example, a client might want lashes like they have seen on social media or a famous celeb, but her natural lashes might be too short and sparse for it. Give her the next best option and tell her how you can make her look beautiful even with short lashes. Always make the discussion positive.

Remember, the eventual goal of your client is to feel good about themselves. When you listen to their needs, youll be in a better position to take them closer to what they want.

Education is Key, you are the professional. For a client, you’re not just a lash artist. You’re an expert in the field. It is your responsibility to teach your client all things lashes, your job is not just

to follow orders. You should proactively educate your clients and tell them what’s in their best interest. For example, a client might want t a certain lash style, but it doesn’t suit their facial features or might be harmful to their natural lash health. It’s your job to educate them about it.

Follow Up with Your Client

Sending a message, email or even making a phone call 24 hours after treatment makes a huge difference. Give the client an opportunity to let you know if she isn’t happy rather than posting a bad review on social media. It shows you care! Having someone check in after you have a treatment makes you feel special and builds loyalty. Ask them if they’re feeling good about themselves and if there’s any way you can help them. If they’re happy, tell them how they can maintain their lash health and recommend any relevant lash products that can help them maintain their look for a longer time.

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