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By Tina Smolic (AS Lashes trainer, Croatia)

Black or brown lashes can sometimes be just too boring for everyday wear. Lash art is one thing and we all really enjoy looking at the creations that lash artists create for competition and posters. By adding some colour for every day wear is that one thing that can take lashes to a whole new dimension.

Clients are usually afraid that colour lashes will be just too much for them but when done correctly, colour lashes can enhance natural beauty and eye colour.

When adding colors in our work, we should be careful that we follow some rules. It is good to know that blue is great for brown and blue eyes, purple for green and brown and green for hazel eyes etc. Transparent or black glue, that is really your choice.

Prepare your mapping. If you are applying colors in layers, it might be a little easier for you to draw and write everything in your map. In my particular case, my client was a blonde girl with brown eyes who does not wear too much make up on a daily basis and she wanted me to put some pink color in her black volume set. I used purple, pink and light violet lashes.

It can be easier if you do one layer at the time. For example, I applied the bottom layer first with all purple lashes, then second layer of pink and light violet at the top. That way, my client got purple lashes to enhance her natural brown eye color and a splash of pink that she really wanted. If I put on only pink ones or many pink lashes at the bottom layer, she could have looked like as if she had been crying which is a look we most definitely don’t want!

We should be careful when choosing colors like pink or red for example, and it’s a good thing to mix them with colors that enhances the natural eye color. Applying them in layers gives it that extra special effect. Be creative, play with colors and don’t be afraid to use them. After all, eyelash extensions are a substitute for make up anyway so why not put a bit of color in them.

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