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By Jessika Aude Gautier

I was never one to follow the trends, on the contrary, I always wanted to be different. My goal when giving my Volume Master Class is to teach my students to dare to be different, to learn from me, from other trainers, from colleagues, to absorb, to register, to get inspired, but at the end of the day, to try to create their own style, their own edge, step out of the mould, and to reach deep down in their own creativity.

First of all, it is of the utmost importance for me that they do a personalized Lash Map for each and every client, as every client is unique. Look at their style, their age, their eye shape, their eye color, their feature, their height, the color of their skin, and finally their personality. I genuinely love teaching my exclusive Color Mapping technique, Accelerated fanning Technique, and Styling. Styling and creating your own style will definitely set you apart, as so many Lash Technicians do the exact same set to all their clients, no matter what they look like, sadly this is true. Your clients will be addicted to you, as no one else will be able to reproduce or recreate your unique sets. Do not be afraid to mix Curls, Lengths, Thickness, Textures, colors,… The sky is the limit!!! There are absolutely no boundaries. Lashing is artistry!

If you are passionate, obsessed, addicted to eyelash extensions, always looking to reach perfection, and to give your clients the absolute best, well you deserve a great income for the hard work, great skills and passion! Every day I meet Lash Technicians at my Training Center who are afraid to raise their prices. Don’t be afraid to charge more than everybody else, clients will recognize your talent, there are lots of different kinds of clientele, & keeping your prices too low will usually attract the bargain hunters. Don’t be afraid to go for the high-end clients, they will more often than not, appreciate your work, be respectful, be polite, will always be on time, will never “no show”, will always pay you and tip generously. Do not let anybody try do downplay your prices, be firm, respect yourself, the more you are firm with your prices and the more you respect yourself, the more clients will respect you!

You do this job because you absolutely love it, but would you rather make $200,00 a day, or $1000,00? I can help you raise your income with the right training and mindset! You definitely deserve a great salary. Keep up the great work!!! If you need help with styling, setting your prices, or anything else, do not hesitate to reach out, I would love to help.

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