Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

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Eyelash extensions have been a topic of discussion for years. Some people think they are amazing and that everyone should get them, while others think the whole idea is crazy. There are many myths surrounding eyelash extensions – some even say that they can lead to blindness or hair loss! All these myths make it difficult to determine if eyelash extensions really hurt or not, but we will go over what you need to know here.

Can Eyelash Extensions Hurt Your Eyes?

Eyelash extensions do not hurt so long as you go to a reputable salon and get them done by an experienced eyelash technician. It is important that the adhesive used for your lash extension is made of medical-grade materials, which will ensure they are safe. Also, going to someone who has been doing this for years probably means they know what they are doing and will avoid using adhesives that can cause pain.

Why Lash Extensions Hurt During the Appointment?

Take a look at the most typical reasons for discomfort during a lash extension treatment.

  • Poor Technique: If your lash technician isn’t very experienced, the pain you feel could be because of their poor technique. Any blunder by the lash tech while treating your eyes can result in damage, whether it’s with application or curing of the glue. If the lash tech applies the glue to your eyelids rather than your natural lashes, it can hurt your lids. 
  • Poor products: If your lash tech is using a low-quality eyelash adhesive, you will feel pain. Some adhesives are really cheap and contain chemicals that can irritate your eyes or cause damage to the sensitive skin around them. A lash tech should never use an unknown product on you because it could be dangerous!
  • Crying: If you feel pain, it’s probable that you’ll start crying or your eyes will water. As a result of this, lash glue may rapidly polymerize, producing discomfort. This can also cause the extension to fall off prematurely as a result of the lash bond’s design.
  • Opening the eyes when they should be closed: If you open your eyes between treatment sessions, especially when the lash glue is still fresh and not cured, it can irritate you.

Why Lash Extensions Hurt After the Appointment?

What factors contribute to post-treatment lash discomfort? You’ll learn all there is to know in the sections below!

  • Improper attachment: After your treatment, you should not feel any poking, pulling, or itching on the eyelids. Improperly applied eyelash extensions can cause a variety of problems, from mild irritation to permanent lash damage. If your extensions are put on incorrectly, they can even pull your natural lashes off!
  • Too much glue: If the lash tech uses too much lash glue, chemical burns may be the consequence. This might result in irritating your eyes due to the excessive fumes produced by the glue. If irritation does not occur during the session, it can develop a day or two later with swelling and redness. The reason for this might be because your eyes hurt after washing them with water. There shouldn’t be any discomfort since lash extensions are waterproof.
  • Too much weight: A good lash artist will secure your lashes by applying extensions that can grow along with them. You should not feel like you are wearing anything when you apply eyelash extensions. They should be light on your eyes.
  • Clumping: When a lash technician applies a single extension to different natural lashes, they can clump together. Also, it will cause pain and discomfort when opening and closing your eyes.
  • Allergic reaction: Every eyelash extension adhesive contains an ingredient called cyanoacrylate. Some people are allergic to it. If you’re one of those people, you could wake up with puffy eyelids the next morning. Just remove the extensions right away!
  • Improper cleaning: In many situations, a painful lash line is caused by poor cleaning habits. If you wear mascara and eye makeup on top of lash extensions every day but fail to clean it thoroughly at the end of the day, similar debris may build up around your hair follicles. Then it will cause discomfort around your eyelashes.
  • Forceful lash extension removal: Pulling or rubbing the lash extensions off on your own may result in a lot of discomfort and irritation, as lash techs utilize a medical-grade glue that is comparable to superglue. If something goes wrong, your lash tech will remove it professionally with an eyelash extension remover. In conclusion, don’t try to fix anything on your own unless the lash extension has fallen out on its own.
  • Abrasion of the cornea: If your eyelash extensions scratch the cornea, corneal abrasion may occur. Excess glue and poking extensions that scratch the eye when they fall due to being too long or applied incorrectly cause this serious problem.
  • Sparse application: Lash extensions that are applied too far from the lash line can often become twisted, drooping, and turned, producing discomfort and problems around the eye.
  • Glued to the skin instead of lashes: When eyelash extensions are applied to the skin, they form a nailhead. This will pull out your natural lashes and irritate your eyes in only a few days or weeks after the procedure is completed.

Will You Have Problems Sleeping?

As long as you are not allergic to the lash extensions or the adhesives used for them (most eyelash extensions are just made of medical-grade materials), you should not have too much trouble sleeping.

Make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes, which can cause the lash extensions to fall off or be damaged! Also, try and keep them out of the water as well so that they stay in good shape for longer periods of time.

In Conclusion

To answer the question, “do eyelash extensions hurt?” – yes and no, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle! If your lash tech has been doing this for years then they should have mastered their technique by now so there shouldn’t be any pain involved.

However, if you are someone who is sensitive to pain, then you might want to avoid getting lash extensions because there’s no way of knowing how much discomfort you will feel during the appointment.

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