Dramatic Eyelash Extensions: Guide To The Best Curls

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dramatic eyelash extensions

Women are stepping up when it comes to their beauty, and we are here for it. Unlike before, when women could only wear eyelash extensions that looked as natural as possible, now women embrace the evolution of dramatic eyelash extensions. Honestly, if you are a woman who has not tried out the dramatic eyelash extensions, then I don’t know what you are waiting for.

Naturally, eyelashes extensions add beauty to your eyes, making the eyes pop up and look more prominent, which is excellent! But, if you want to get that edgy and classic beauty finish, you need to try out the extra curly lashes.

What are dramatic eyelash extensions?

These are the eyelash extensions that are fixed to the natural eyelashes. These eyelashes are unique because they are specifically applied to all the existing natural eyelashes for volume and length. Meaning if you have 100 natural eyelashes, you will fit 100 extensions on each eye for that even and dramatic look. The lashes come in different sizes and shapes to be matched with the client’s existing natural lashes shapes and sizes.

How do you choose the best dramatic curly eyelash extensions

Not all eyelashes extensions will work or even fit all women; there are a few factors to consider when choosing the right dramatic lash extensions. As you look for that unique and edgy look, you also need eyelash extensions that suit you and will be comfortable as well. So, what should you consider?

The eyes

The first thing that determines the kind of dramatic eyelash extensions to get is your eyes. This includes the size of your eyes, orientation, and even eyes shape.

For example, if your eyes are big, you may consider getting small curls or long lashes with minimal curls to balance the pop look of your eyes. Going for C-sized curls will work for your big eyes. If your eyes are small, going for large curls is the best choice for you as they make your eyes look bigger. So curls size D would be the ultimate best choice. If your eyes are medium-sized, you can opt for small or large curls depending on how dramatic you want your eyelashes to be. A D would bring out a more dramatic look around your eyes and make them look big, while a C curl size will give that broader look to your eyes.

The curled shape on the natural eyelashes

The other thing to consider is how the natural curls of the customer’s eyelashes are shaped. The lashes appear to be curled upwards, straight, and others may point downwards. So, you need to check how the natural lashes are to find the right shape of extensions to match with. Remember, the goal is to make the lashes look more prominent and not alter overall. For women who have naturally curled lashes, curl size C would be a great choice as it accentuates the curliness of their natural eyes.

Double CC should be an excellent choice to create a more dramatic look as these extensions elongate the lashes upwards.

For women with straight lashes, the best type of curl to use is the J.

J extensions are long and usually have a curly shape at the tip. So, they blend well with the straight natural lashes and give that kick curly look at the end. If you are not looking for a dramatic lash look, go for B, as it has a small length with a more natural curl at the tip than J. So, the difference between the two is that B is small and less curly than J.

How dramatic do you want to go?

The look you want to achieve at the end will also determine the type of eyelash curls to get. Some of the significant dramatic looks that women go for are doll look, round, cat, sexy, cluster natural, and even squirrel look. All these looks will be determined by the size and even the shape of the curls you get.

How to protect your eyelashes extensions from coming off

Avoid any form of moisture for 48 hours

Remember that eyelashes extensions are applied using glue that can easily loosen up if it is not left to dry up enough. It is recommended to leave the eyelashes to dry for 48 hours before you can touch that area with water so the glue can entirely stick the natural lashes to the extensions. Therefore, avoid washing your face or around the lashes, avoid activities that make you sweat, and don’t stay in high UV rays.

Don’t rub your eyes

This rule works like the non-water contact, whereby one must avoid rubbing the eyes for about 48 hours. Avoid wearing makeup around the eyes as it triggers itching. If you moisturize your face, opt for oil-free creams as they don’t form moisture around the face and take little time to absorb to the skin.

Comb the lashes extensions with a spoolie brush instead

You are not guaranteed that your curly lashes will be in the same state when you wake up in the morning. So to align them, you should comb them using a spoolie brush. A spoolie brush is specifically designed to comb the eyelashes extensions as it is soft and moves quickly through the tangled extensions without pulling them off.

Can one clean their eyelashes extensions?

The answer is yes! It is advisable to clean the eyelashes after the 48 hours drying period as this helps them stay clean and last longer. It is best to use oil-free makeup remover to avoid losing the sticking glue when working around the eyes area.

Using a soft material like a cotton ball, wet wipes, or cotton pad, gently wipe the extensions moving from the base out.

Use an anti-micro-bacteria cleanser made for eyelashes to eliminate all dirt that may be harboring on the extensions. The lashes extensions tend to hold a lot of dirt to provide a good breeding space for bacteria.

How to add a healthy dose of creative lash drama to your life

Dramatic eyelash extension doesn’t only have to be the same color, shape or size; there is so much you can do to make your eyes area look beautiful and unique.

  • Instead of using the regular black curly lashes, add some color to create a rainbow look to the extensions.
  • Get lashes with unique textures such as silk, mink, or even faux mink. These and more are available in the market.


Nothing should limit you to creating a classic beauty illusion around the eyes. Makeup is not enough to create a beautiful look with dramatic eyelash extensions. You need to know about the best dramatic eyelash curls in the market and what works for you, as not all would match your eyes and natural lashes. We have given a guide that you can follow to buy the best curls for you.

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