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mink eyelash extensions

While there are many articles about mink eyelash extensions now, most of them are with the wrong information.

In this post, we’ll go through some of the most frequently asked mink lash extension concerns.

What are mink lash extensions made of?

Many artists and lash clients misunderstand the term “mink,” which leads to many believing that the lashes are made of animal hair. However, mink lashes are made with a synthetic material called PBT.

This material is very similar to real mink fur on the outside but without all of its problems.

PBT is made with special high-quality synthetic fibers which feel like natural lashes and do not contain any animal or human hair. PBT can be used for both traditional lash extension applications as well as individual (freestyle) mink lashes applications.

Note: Focus Lashes offers only 100% cruelty-free mink lashes that are also vegan lash extensions without any animal fur or skin used in production. We care about both our clients’ well-being as well as their wallet so we use top quality Korean PBT (non-animal based fiber) that is soft, durable, and flexible.

Silk vs mink lashes

Many lash artists and clients wonder about silk vs mink lashes. Silk eyelashes are made of 100% natural silk (a very soft material), not PBT like real mink fur, which is why they’re cheaper than other types of lashes. However, unlike PBT fibers that feel exactly like human hair, silk is a very different material.

Silk lashes are another type of natural material that can go in between real human hair and synthetic fiber. They look more like traditional strip lashes, except a bit thicker because they have multiple strands instead of one string. If you are looking for a more natural look, silk lashes are the perfect solution.

However, if you want your eyes to really pop out and have a maximum length with an extra curl, mink lash extensions will work better than silk lashes.

Synthetic vs mink lashes

Another common question is synthetic vs mink lashes.

Synthetic eyelashes are made of a special kind of polyester fiber which feels very similar to PBT, however they’re not as soft or flexible as silk or mink lash extensions. In addition, due to the lower quality materials that go into their production, these lashes are less durable.

Do mink lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

Nope. Mink lash extensions do not harm your natural eyelashes at all, because they will never touch them. The synthetic fiber of the PBT is applied to a thin band that secures it from ever touching or attaching to your real eyelashes.

How long does a full set of mink lash extensions last?

A full set of traditional lashes usually lasts between one and two months. A new layer can be applied to make them look even fuller after the first application if needed, but you will need a fill in every month or so.

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to get eyelash extensions with PBT?

Yes, it is. Many women love mink lash extensions during pregnancy because they help them feel beautiful and look fantastic without worrying about harming their baby or putting toxic chemicals on their bodies.

What happens if I go swimming with mink eyelash extensions?

Your PBT curl is water-resistant so it won’t fall out if you go swimming or even work under a hot shower. However, it is important to remember that the adhesive isn’t waterproof and over time water can break down this bond so make sure you avoid getting your lashes too wet for long periods of time.

What happens if I rub my eyes?

Even though PBT feels very soft and natural, it is not indestructible. If you rub your eyes too often or in the wrong way then mink lashes can fall out with no problem at all.

Can I use mascara on my mink lash extensions?

Yes, but only if they are traditional mink lash extensions that go right to the base of your eyelashes. Individual lash extensions shouldn’t be exposed to products because they are not connected with the natural hair of your eyelashes so any product can damage them.

Where should I go for mink lashes?

It is really important that you find a professional and reputable salon in order to get the proper application, care instructions, and using high-quality products, and we hope that you will find all of this information in our salon.

What is the best time to get eyelash extensions?

The best time for getting mink lashes is between late fall and early spring because it can be a bit colder during these months so your natural lash growth slows down which ensures longer lasting results.


We hope you found all the information about mink lash extensions in our blog post today. If you have any further questions please feel free to send an email to sales@focuslashes.com.

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