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A top priority for any lash artist or user of eyelash extensions is the best eyelash extension tools and supplies. Eye pads are perfectly designed for use during the application process of eyelash extensions.

As anyone who has experienced eyelash extensions will know, eyelash application can be time-consuming. Essential items in a beauty toolkit, like these delicate pads, can make a user’s experience more comfortable and relaxing.

In this complete guide to using pads for eyelash extensions, you will discover how to use the pads effectively and the advantages of introducing pads into a beauty routine involving eyelash extensions.

What Are Eye Pads for Lash Extensions?

Eye pads are an essential beauty tool to prevent upper eyelashes from coming into contact with lower eyelashes during the eyelash extension process. Without them, natural eyelashes can intertwine with the extensions, making the task of eyelash application more difficult than necessary. Based on the lower lashes, these pads easily fit around the lower part of the eye to create this separation.

There are a whole host of benefits this helpful tool can bring to the experience of eyelash extensions, including:

  • They mirror the shape of the lower eye to connect with the lower lashes securely.
  • They assist the lash artist, or eyelash user, by gripping the inner and outer corners of the lower lashes.
  • They are usually a lighter colour, making it easier for the lash artist or user to see the definition of the eyelashes.
  • They easily stick to the skin and do not come off during eyelash application.
  • The texture of the tool eye pads soothes the client’s skin, making the experience of eyelash application a relaxing and comfortable one.

While the pads can be made from a range of eye-friendly materials, the popularity of these pads is growing for sensitive skin. The ultimate aim of the pads is, of course, to cater for the wearer.

What is the Difference Between Pads and Eyelash Extension Tape?

Like pads, eyelash extension tape can be used as a trick to separate lower and upper eyelashes. However, the most significant difference between pads and eyelash extension tape is the comfort factor; pads are rated far more comfortable than eyelash extension tape. Despite this, using a combination of tape and pads can enhance the reliability of the lash extension process.

How Are Eye Pads for Eyelash Extensions Used?

The process for using pads for eyelash extension is quick and easy:

  1. Firstly clean and dry the entire eye area using a reputable lash foam.
  2. Gently remove the pad from the liner encasing it.
  3. Carefully place it over the lower lashes to create separation between the lashes.
  4. After the lash application is made, simply remove the pads, beginning with the outer corner.

The separation between natural eyelashes and lash extensions is crucial. Therefore, pads are an essential element in a beauty toolkit to isolate the lashes and prevent any gluing mishap. Lower parts of the eye can also be sensitive to fumes from the lash extension glue and specific tools used, and pads can protect the lower eye from their position on the lower eyelashes.

Top tips

  • Note that the surface of the pads should be coated to ensure that the liquid products, like glue, don’t get absorbed.
  • If the pads do not fit a particular face shape or size, feel free to cut away the bottom section from the pad.
  • Ensure you have a supply of pads close by during the lash application process to save time if a replacement is needed.

Eye shapes

Everyone’s eyes have different shapes, sizes and degrees of the curve to their form. When applying lashes to an eye, it is essential to cater to the eye’s dimensions when choosing a pad. If the size of the eye is taken into account, the procedure will be easier to complete.

The most common eye shapes are:

  1. The doll eye / round eye: This eye shape requires gentle application of pads, as some pads may not fit the eye as easily. This shape of eye is more susceptible to eyeball bruising during lash application.
  2. The almond eye: This eye shape is simple and easy to use with pads and does not usually require eyelash extension tape.

Where To Buy Pads for Lash Extensions?

There are a host of retailers to choose from when considering where to buy pads for lash extensions.

You can find pads easily at most beauty supply stores, and they are widely available online on Amazon.

Some retailers are more highly rated than others. Some of the best options out there for buying these useful, secure tools for lash extension include:

  • Lash FX
  • The Lash Professional
  • LashArt
  • London Lash
  • Makeup.uk
  • Tatti Lashes

How Much Do Pads for Eyelash Extensions Cost?

As expected, the cost of pads for eyelash extension will vary in cost depending on the amount ordered, how many are included in each pack and of course the quality and longevity of the product. The general cost of one package is usually between $9 and $15. When purchasing this piece of kit, it is advised to buy more than one pack perhaps – they are an essential part of any lash fan’s makeup bag.

What if Clients Are Allergic to Pads

Allergies are important to consider in any beauty procedure, and the eyes are particularly sensitive to allergic reactions. In some rare cases, allergic reactions can occur after a lash extension due to ingredients contained within a pad. However, any discomfort or reaction is usually caused by misuse of the pad, a seasonal allergic reaction, or a reaction to fumes or glue used in the lash extension.

If you want to provide the utmost protection to sensitive eyes, carry out a patch test before the lash extension process, or even opt for a hypoallergenic pad. Hypoallergenic pads are often latex-free for extra comfort or made from bio-gel for a gentle feel.

Other rare but possible reactions to using pads include bruised or bloodshot eyeballs, swelling under and around the eye and a sensation of burning under and around the eye.

In Summary

A good lash artist will look for creative, reliable, and caring ways to care for the eyes and lashes, and pads for the eyes are ideal for an easy eyelash application. Make sure you choose the right pads for the right eyes. Your eyes are sure to look and feel beautiful!

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