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What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that can be applied to your natural eyelashes. They look very natural and give you a beautiful, lush lash line.

What are conventional lash extensions made of?  

Conventional Eyelash Extensions are created using synthetic fibers. These fibers come in four different thicknesses to create your desired look: 

– Ultra-Thin for a more subtle or natural appearance.

– Skinny for the average everyday lash look. 

– Thick and Full if you want an extra dramatic high volume look! 

– Ultra Full for a more dramatic high-volume look.

How long do lash extensions last?

The life of your Eyelash Extensions depends on how fast they grow. Typically, you can expect them to last anywhere from two weeks up to three months before needing a fill-in appointment. 

Who can perform the service?

Who can perform the service? Eyelash extension services are performed by an eyelash technician. Eyelash extensions should not be done by anyone who is untrained or inexperienced in this field of work, as it requires a special technique to ensure you get beautiful lashes that last. It’s important for consumers to check with their esthetician or lash stylist, to see if they are trained and certified in medical-cosmetic eyelash extensions.

What is the Eyelash Extension application process like?

The Eyelash Extensions appointment lasts about 90 minutes, but it may take longer if you decide to get an accent lash added on top of your Eyelash Extensions (which can look very dramatic and beautiful). During this time, your lashes will be individually attached to each natural lash with a medical adhesive.

What are the advantages of eyelash extensions?

– They look more natural than mascara alone and require less daily maintenance than other types of false lashes. 

– Eyelash Extensions can be worn by people with very sensitive eyes because they are so comfortable and lightweight. 

What are some disadvantages of eyelash extensions? 

Eyelash Extensions require frequent fill-in appointments, which can get expensive depending on the salon you choose. They also need to be removed carefully by a trained professional, so they may not be ideal for people with conditions that affect their eyesight or dexterity.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Eyelash Extension safety is a concern for many people, but it’s important to note that Eyelash Extensions are actually safer than other false lashes. The synthetic fibers used in the lash extensions have been tested and determined as being non-allergenic, making them much less likely to cause an adverse reaction in the eyes. Eyelash Extensions are safe for most people, but it is important to note that they are not recommended for people with glaucoma or other eye diseases.

Do lash extensions damage the natural lash?   

It’s important to note that Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, so they will never damage your natural lashes. Your own lash may fall out when you have the extensions applied because it has been weakened by its synthetic counterpart, but this is perfectly normal and should happen every time Eyelash Extensions are reapplied. 

Is the lash extension application painful?

Fortunately, Eyelash Extension applications are very comfortable and virtually painless. The Eyelash Extensions Application process feels like a gentle tug and you should feel some slight pressure on your eyes. Your lash artist will create a numbing cream to ensure that the Eyelash Extensions are applied comfortably for both of you! If you have any concerns about Eyelash Extension discomfort make sure you discuss them with your stylist during your appointment. 

Do you clean your lashes or get them wet in the shower?

Yes, we recommend that you wet your lashes in the shower. We also suggest cleaning them with Eyelash Extensions Cleaner every few weeks to keep them looking great and clean!

Are lash extensions suitable for everyone? 

While Eyelash Extensions are safe for most people, it is important to note that they are not recommended for those with glaucoma or other eye diseases. 

Can Eyelash Extensions help me achieve the desired look? 

Eyelash extensions can absolutely change your entire appearance because they naturally open up the eyes and give them more definition, but Eyelashes are not meant to be used as makeup! Make sure you wear mascara or shadow (or both!) with your Eyelashes to complete your look.

How often should I have Eyelash Extensions applied? 

Eyelashes typically need a fill-in appointment every two weeks up until you decide you want them removed. 

Can Eyelash Extension lashes get in the way of my daily life? 

Eyelash extensions may get in the way of some daily activities like sleeping, but most people find that they are not affected by their new Eyelashes and manage to get around just fine. 

What kind of maintenance needs to be done?   

With Eyelash Extensions, you need to avoid rubbing your eyes and don’t go in the pool or hot tub for at least 24 hours after getting them applied. 

Every Eyelash Extensions client needs to be sure not to use an oil-based eye makeup remover as it can dissolve the adhesive and cause Eyelash Extension loss. 

Eyelash Extensions require very little maintenance. Eyelashes should be brushed every day to keep them clean and, if needed, an Eyelash Extension adhesive remover can be used at your appointment to remove lashes that are ready for a fill-in. 

I’m getting married, should I get lash extensions? 

Many brides choose Eyelash Extensions because they are waterproof and can last up to six weeks. If your wedding is only a few days away, you should definitely consider getting Eyelashes for that special day! 

What if I only want the lash extensions for a special occasion? 

If you’re having Eyelash Extensions applied for a special occasion, make sure your lash technician knows. Sometimes it is possible to have them removed right before the event or even leave some individual lashes on until then! 

What do Eyelash Extensions cost?

Eyelash Extension prices vary greatly depending on your location and the salon you choose. Some salons quote a flat fee for unlimited fill-ins while others charge per hour which can add up quickly if you need an extra-long appointment time to complete all of your lashes.

How much does Eyelash Extension training cost?

Eyelash Extension training typically costs between $500 to $2000 but can be even more expensive depending on the school. Make sure you research your options and get a program that fits your budget!

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