How Much Can You Really Make Doing Eyelash Extensions?

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how much can you really make doing eyelash extensions

Although the eyelash extension industry is a booming billion-dollar industry, you may still wonder how much money you can make as a lash artist. 

However, the answer is like for “How Long Do Eyelash Extension Last ” – it depends. 

Top 3 Factors to Determine Eyelash Extension Profits

It is hard to say precisely the number of profits because there are many variables here. But you can have a general idea after checking the top 3 factors.

The Pricing For Eyelash Extension Service

Obviously, the most critical factor to influence profit is your service price. The amount you charge for each complete set and fills will have a pretty different outcome. But it mainly depends on the skill level you have.

For example, your classic lash set is 2 hours long and costs $140. And your classic lash fill is 1 hour long and costs $70. 

4 full sets x $140 = $560 for an 8 hour day

6 fills x $70 = $420 for a 6 hour day

You will do mixed services each day in real life. So let us do $490 for an average day. Then you can get $122,500 per year with five days work a week and two weeks off.

Not bad, right? It is still impressive even after subducting the supplies and courses. 

However, do not be hurry to charge high if being a new lash artist. You’d better do more practice firstly. Then, when you get a higher skill level, you can charge what you are worth.


Our last post talks about local research for starting a lash business, including location, because it is another critical factor for what you are charging.

If only a few local places offer lash extension services and the price is high, it will be good to join. Unfortunately, or reverse, it will not be easy to get clients with a high price due to many options. 

Doing local research with what others are charging will help you get the best price. Also, you can work out a better service after knowing the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


If people do not know you, your business will be hard to grow even your lash extension skill is perfect.

You need to do proper marketing things to attract new clients. Then you can get a good volume of appointments. And make good money after that. 

It is the digital age, so now you can do many ways online. For example, you can do SEO so people can find you by Google. Or do social media marketing, then you can have your community and fans.

Of course, word-of-mouth advertising is an essential part of the lash business too. You can do a referral program like a 15% discount to encourage clients to introduce the new customers.

Data Of Eyelash Technician Salary

From the ZipRecruiter data, we can know the average lash artist salary is $47,396 per year. So it is around $23 per hour.

Yes, the number is disappointed. But it concluded part-time people data as well. Also, you should be much more profitable than average ones when your skills become perfect. The top lash artists can reach over $73,000 per year. Just try your best to pursuit the best!


You can make an excellent living by doing eyelash extensions, but your income depends on your price, location, marketing, working hours, etc. So keep learning, practicing, and embracing growth. You should get a good result.

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