Eyelash Extensions: 3 Important Factors to Consider

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We have all had clients who want something different on their eyelashes. But it is very rare that what they want is right for them. When deciding on the right lashes for your clients, you need to think about the size, length, and curl. But it’s not easy. Let me help you figure it out in this guide!


Diameter refers to the thickness of your clients’ lashes. Lashes can come in a variety of diameters, from 0.07mm all the way up to 0.20mm.

In general, thicker lashes have more weight and will be harder to handle when applying them to clients. Thinner lash extensions tend not to give as much fullness to the lash line.

A good rule of thumb is that your extensions should be about half as thick as natural lashes.


The length refers to how long your clients want them to appear on the eyes. The longer they are, the more maintenance and upkeep will be required throughout the life of the extension.

We recommend starting out with a length between 8mm-15mm, depending on the length of the client’s natural lashes.


The curl is the shape of your lashes. It can be either a flat or round lash, depending on what your clients prefer!

J Curl is the curved lash closest to natural lashes. It’s not used often because not many people have natural lashes like this.

B Curl is a basic curl that gives a natural look and is most often used to protect the nose from hitting the inner corner of the eyes.

C curl is the most popular curl. It gives a small but noticeable curl.

D curl is the curl clients like for a more dramatic look. It gives the most lift.

L Curl Lashes are shaped like an L. They are meant for people with hooded eyes, but they do not only work for them.


When deciding what extensions to use for your clients, keep in mind the diameter, length, and curl. The best way to get a good idea is by looking at their lashes beforehand!

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