Eyelash Extensions for Asian Monolid Eyes

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eyelash extensions for asian monolid eyes

Eyes come in a variety of forms and sizes, which is obvious when looking around a room or scrolling through Instagram. This implies that lash extension application isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure.

Take Asian eye shapes as an example, they need a distinct lash extension technique. In order to get a beautiful look, it’s critical to figure out how to apply Asian eyelash extensions correctly.

In this post, we will go through the most concerned questions about eyelash extensions for Asian eyes!

What are monolid eyes?

monolid eyes

Monolid eyes are eyelids that don’t have a crease. The lack of a crease results in the whole eyelid disappearing when a client opens their eyes. So the strategic lash application is important. 

Asian people have the most monolid eyes. However, this eye form is not only seen in clients who are descended from East and Southeast Asia, but also in those who are descended from Central Asia, as well as South America.

What are hooded eyes?

hooded eyes

Monolid eyes are not always present in every case. Instead, they may have hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes are eyelids that have a crease, but the lash line dips down and is covered by excess skin. It’s essential to extend lashes along with filling in these gaps for them to appear fullest.

Do’s and Don’ts of Applying Lash Extensions on Asian Eyes  

While no two clients are the same, there are certain characteristics that lash specialists should be aware of when dealing with monolid eyes. Read on to learn about the dos and don’ts.

Do Enhance Retention

Because monolid eyes lack a fold of separation between the eye and eyelid, natural oils will reach the lash extensions far more quickly than with other eyelid shapes.

To extend the life of your lashes, prime them at the start. Then finish with a tiny mister at the end. Make sure to teach the customer about proper aftercare procedures so they may use beautiful lashes for a longer period of time.

Do Choose a Longer Lash

When choosing lash length, keep in mind that the top portion of lashes will be concealed under the monolid.

You don’t want the client to open her eyes and see short lashes! Because you know that much of the lash will be hidden when the customer’s eyes are open, choose longer lashes that will be visible.

Please remember that you should not grab lashes longer than 2-3 mm beyond the client’s natural lash.

Don’t Choose A J Curl

Although A, J curls are cool, they are not fit for Asian eyes.

This is because A J curl has a modest curl at the end but no curl at the base. Asians’ lashes are usually more straight and slant downward than those of other races. If you use a straight base, the end result will be an underwhelming Asian eye shape, which will make the look appear smaller than intended.

Don’t Tape Far From The Lash Line

Lash tape is a lash artist’s top friend in the studio. When it comes to monolid eyelash extensions, though, there’s a wrong and right approach. Inner corners on eyes with monolid eyes or hooded lids might be difficult to access.

Lifting and opening the eye isn’t effective if eyelash extension tape is positioned too far away from the lash line. Tape close to the lash line rather than placing it too far away so that working on the inner lashes is easier.

Best Eyelash Extensions for Asian Eye Shapes

best eyelash extensions for asian eye shapes 1

The Lash Curl

We understand that the J curl is a poor choice now. So what are our options?

Because L curl can open up lashes that naturally point downward, so it is one of our good choices. And D curl is another alternative that looks fantastic on clients with a downturned eye shape.

The Lash Placement

The ‘Reversed’ is the most popular Asian eyelash extension style. The emphasis zone is located near the inner corner. This may sound odd, but the Reverse is actually ideal for correcting monolid eyes or wide-set eyes.

Useful advice for your monolid clients

Because of the structure of their eyes, Asian clients’ retention for eyelash extensions will be shorter.

Obviously, you should inform your customer beforehand in a pleasant and professional manner to avoid them feeling slighted.

Here are some additional suggestions for monolid clients that you can share with them:

  • Makeup with the least amount of oil.
  • After applying makeup, use a powder to remove any excess oil from the eyelids.
  • To ensure that your eyelashes are safe from the oil, use a lash coating sealant.


Eyelash extensions are an effective way to enhance monolid eyes.

To make the most of your services, be sure that you understand how lash types can open up Asian eye shapes and what kind of curl will work best for this shape.

I hope this information has helped! Happy lashing!

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