Volumize Your Eyelashes with Fans Using the Sticky Strip Method

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There are many different ways to get your lashes volumized, and with so many techniques and products, you sometimes feel like you forget some of them. But the sticky strip method is one of the most popular ways that work well.

This quick and easy method creates 2D-4D volume fans that are great for lash extension newbies and experienced lash artists. It is also simple yet cheap compared to other methods. So, here are the three helpful steps you can follow to create beautiful volume fans using this method.

Step 1 | Remove the Lashes from the Sticky Strip

Before applying your lashes, hold each fan up to your eye to see how it will look once applied. If you’re happy with how it looks, begin removing the lashes by pulling them off the sticky strip. You will reduce the time it takes to add a fan to your single lash extension.

Start from the lash band’s outer edge when removing them and gently pull each lash toward you instead of straight up. This will keep your fans uniform and prevent them from separating while still on the strip. This method is excellent for adding volume or length to a single lash.

Step 2 | Make the fan on the Sticky Strip.

You can do this by hand, but it is a lot easier if you use tweezers. Take the pair of tweezers and carefully pick up a cluster of lashes. Hold them with the tweezers by the bottom so that you can control the end of the lashes. You can also hold them with your fingers. You can use your thumb and index finger to hold the very end of the lash strip while holding it in place with the tweezers.

Also, remember to line up your lashes with your strip. And make sure that there is a good amount of space between each lash so they don’t stick together. Usually, it is placed about 1/8″ apart. And you would also like to leave about 1/4″ at the end of the strip because it will be easier to remove from the sticky strip once it has been set.

A side note: Make sure to use a round tip tweezer. This will help you grab the lashes easier and prevent you from damaging your fan. Also, it will be easier to hold onto small clusters.

Step 3 | Dip the Base of the Fan into Adhesive

Dip the base of the fan into the adhesive no more than two millimeters deep and let it sit for a few seconds. This will allow the glue to thicken up. If you dip immediately after pulling the fan from the strip, too much adhesive will get into the base of the fan, and it will take forever to dry. Once you’ve dipped the bottom of the fan into the adhesive, it’s time to attach it to one of your natural lashes.

Get as close to the root as possible without sticking on your skin. If you might have picked up too much glue, just lay the fan down on a paper towel before transferring it to the eye. The fan should be attached slightly higher on the base of your lash than a normal cluster. This will create a lifting effect once applied.

There you have it: the three steps of the Sticky Strip Method that require minimal effort and can help you achieve the bigger, fuller eyelashes you’ve been yearning for! It is one of the easiest ways to make your lashes look longer and thicker with the use of a strip lash.

It adds to the volume of your natural lashes and adds length, shine, and fullness. In addition, it gives your eyes a dramatic look that will definitely turn heads. It is also a perfect way to enhance your natural beauty. Moreover, it is suitable and convenient for anyone who’s just starting in lash extensions or for anyone who wants an easy way to create volume fans without picking up multiple lashes at once.

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