Eyelash Extensions VS Lash Lift: Which is Better for You

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It’s true, we live in a time where eyelash extensions and lash lifts are relatively inexpensive and can be done on the same day. However, it is important to know that there are still some differences between these two beauty treatments. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between lashes and eyelashes extensions as well as lash lift vs extension.

What Is Ther Difference between Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Lift?

Eyelash extensions and lash lift are two separate procedures. The main difference between the two is that eyelash extension coats existing lashes while a lash lift actually changes the structure of your natural lashes. A curl will be lifted up, allowing you to wear mascara without all of it running down onto your cheeks. If you’re not into wearing makeup, this is one of the best beauty treatments to look wide awake without makeup.

If you are seeking longer, thicker lashes, eyelash extensions will provide your desired results. You can opt to wear mascara on top or not – it’s completely up to you! With a lash lift, only thin coats of mascara should be applied on top as too much mascara can weigh down your lashes and cause damage to the lift.

When Should You Get an Eyelash Extension?

If you’re opting for eyelash extensions, we recommend getting them done before a big event such as a wedding or graduation ceremony because they last up to three weeks on average! Once applied, it will feel like you have falsies on.

In fact, you can go swimming and even shower without having to worry about them! It is important that you get refills every two weeks. If your lash extensions start to fall out before the scheduled time, let us know so we can help prolong their life for a few more days or weeks if possible.

When Should You Get a Lash Lift?

If you are looking for something more maintenance-free, a lash lift is the way to go. It does not require any touch ups in between fills because it lasts up to 12 weeks on average! For those who don’t want to deal with mascara every morning, this is definitely the treatment for you. You can schedule your lash lift anytime.

What Are the Side Effects of Lash Lift?

One of the cons is that some people can’t get their lashes lifted because they are too short. You are restricted by the limitations of your natural lashes. If your natural lashes are too short, they won’t get curled. Then it will be hard to make it look like you want.

What Are the Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions?

With eyelash extensions, your eyes may be a bit more irritated than with lash lift because lashes are glued to existing ones. It is important that you do not rub or touch them as it can cause infections such as the pink eye. It is also important to know that your eyes might be a bit more watery than usual for the first couple of hours after treatment as well! The biggest drawback of lash extensions is that they last for only a month. And they might also need to be touched up in between.

So, if you’re still wondering about eyelash extensions vs lash lift, it all comes down to what you are looking for in terms of results and how much time you have on your hands to maintain them. However, both treatments are safe and effective in the long run! Visit us today to learn more about knowledge or book your appointment at your local salon!

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