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By Lola Lashes

Lets cut the the chase chase. Quality lash training is very accessible due to our fast-growing industry. But what happens next? We have created the ‘next step’ for all our students across North Tyneside in the UK.

Have you ever been to a student hair salon at your local college? Students are experiencing life as a professional, dealing with customers and working alongside other Hair Stylists to build confidence. My question is, what percentage of students actually then go onto becoming successful by being either employed or self-employed? By the time these students leave they have so much real work experience and confidence, I would say the chance of employment is high.

What about our lash industry? Is one day really enough? We are surrounded by a game where training and education is fast becoming a ‘trend’. More salons offering one day courses… more salons training students and allowing them to enter the industry with very little experience.

I have a growing passion to help our industry grow correctly. Of course, money is important as my business feeds my family but what about my students? Their families? Their future? This is why I decided to take my support that one step further.

Our lash industry is not government regulated in the UK. Courses are often accredited by some companies with little knowledge. How do we stop a new generation of badly trained Lash Artists? How do we help our industry grow with passion? I don’t believe a one-day course can do this.

Many times, I listen to students come to me because they did a one-day course and don’t feel confident enough to continue or they ‘blame themselves’ for every little problem that occurs during the treatment because they simply just don’t understand the products they are working with.

I took this information and wondered how I could adjust my workings, and here is where I developed the Student Graduation Scheme. Similar to that of college however students have successfully passed Lola Lashes Training.

By taking these students and offering them a place alongside us on a self-employed basis we can continue to work with them, they feel supported, they also can shadow us. They understand how it feels to develop and build their own career and first hand see the day to day life of a busy Lash Artist and business owner. As artists we work together in one space and we discuss problems and solve them as we work. I have found all the girls who have worked with me have an amazing confidence to build their clientele.

My dream is to build a strong foundation here in the North East, Education and Events is something I feel very strongly about. I want to offer opportunities to those who are unable to travel South where the majority of training is usually held. The North needs education and support and by collaborating and working hard I am sure I can help make this happen.

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Nova Wang
Nova Wang
As lead editor at Focus Lashes, I'm passionate about all things that are lash-related. On this site, I'm exploring my interests related to the eyelash extension industry.

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