Handmade vs. Premade Volume Fans: Which is best for you?

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There are a lot of different options when it comes to volume fans. Many businesses choose pre-made volume fans because they are quick and easy, while others prefer the handmade variety for its aesthetic appeal. In this blog post, we will discuss both of these types of volume fans, highlighting their benefits and weaknesses so that you can make an informed decision about which type is best for you!

What Are Handmade Volume Fans?

A lash artist creates each handmade volume fan one at a time. True volume lashing is the technique used to create it.

This is how it works:

You make your own fan by stacking a number of thin, lightweight lashes in the form of a fan together. The number of lashes in each fan is determined by how fluffy you want the final effect to be.

You need to carefully submerge your fan in the adhesive after you’ve formed it. The goal is to ensure that only a tiny amount of glue endures on the base of the fan. Because a fan has many lash extensions, you should apply as little adhesive as possible to avoid weighing it down any more than it already is.

After the fan is dipped in glue, attach it to the base of your client’s natural lashes. Wrap it around for best retention.

Handmade fans require a lot of practice and talent. You’ll need to get used to moving around the tiny lashes, as well as crafting your fans. Also, you must perfect the proper amount of adhesive so that you don’t burden your customer’s eyes out.

If you’re having trouble creating your handmade volume fans, consider buying pre-made ones.

What Are Premade Volume Fans?

Premade volume fans are already formed for you, so they are easier to operate than handmade volume fans. If you’re new to volume lashing, pre-made fans are a great option. They eliminate the hassle of creating your own fan and applying it properly so that you can focus on perfecting other aspects of your work.

A premade volume fan is made up of anywhere from two to eight lashes bound at the base. Rather than making fans individually, you’ll simply choose the fan you want to use and Stick It! To your client’s natural lash exactly the same way you would a single lash extension.

Are Premade Volume Fans Bad?

Premade fans are quick and easy, but they can also be very heavy. This is because the adhesive that binds them together adds significant weight to the fan itself. The more lashes in a premade fan, the heavier it will be—and too much glue on any of those individual lashes could weigh your client’s natural lash down even further!

To avoid overloading lashes, carefully choose the premade fans you use. You should also try to spread them out throughout your client’s lash line by using singles on some eyes and doubles or triples on others.

Handmade Volume Fans Vs Premade Volume Fans

Handmade Volume Fans

– require a lot of practice and talent  

– must perfect the proper amount of adhesive for optimal results  

Premade Volume Fans

– easy to operate, especially for beginners in volume lash extensions  

– will add weight to lashes if you use premade fans with too much glue  

– may not be as attractive for certain customers (and your work) because they are all the same

Which is best for you?

It depends on what you’re looking for! If you value speed and ease of application, then pre-made volume fans are probably better. They’re quick and easy. However, if you’re looking for the most attractive lashes possible then handmade volume fans are best because they allow you to vary your fan shape between clients (and within an individual client’s lash line).


Handmade volume fans are typically preferred by lash artists because their unique shapes make them more attractive than premade lashes.

However, if you’re new to volume lashing then pre-made lashes may be the best place for you to start your career in order to perfect other aspects of your work before moving on to handmade ones.

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