How Many Eyelash Extensions Should Fall Out Per Day?

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New developments have made lash extensions last for weeks. But once the lash extensions fall out, it’ll need a new set. As lash artists, it’s important for us to be prepared to answer any questions that clients might have, such as:

How many natural eyelashes do you lose in a day?

How many eyelash extensions do you lose in a day?

Why do my eyelash extensions keep falling out?

Why are my eyelash extensions falling out after a week?

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose in a Day?

Before answering the question “How many eyelashes do you lose in a day?”, you should know the natural lash growth cycle firstly.

Loss of lashes is a natural phenomenon. They grow and then fall off every day, just like our hair. Actually, we lose around 2-5 natural lashes per day.

And how about eyelash extensions?

Because eyelash extensions are attached in the natural lashes, so they will shed with natual eyelashes. So they will lose 2-5 lashes per day as well.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Keep Falling Out?

Here are some possible reasons why your eyelash extensions fall out.

  • Stress: Eyelash loss can be aggravated by stress. The stress causes the follicles to enter the telogen phase, a dormant phase that causes hair loss. In the same way that stress can cause an increase in hair loss, anxiety can have a similar effect on your eyelashes.
  • Repetitive eye-rubbing: Pulling on your eyes with your makeup remover, palms, or even a lash curler all the time can damage the lid skin and cause your lashes to fall out.
  • Sleeping on your face: Most people find it challenging to avoid sleeping on their faces. Unfortunately, sleeping on your face contributes a lot to shedding your extensions. When you sleep on your face, your extensions are more likely to be irritated due to rubbing against the pillow more often. Because of this, the lash extensions on that eye are more likely to fall out.
  • Medications: Taking a medication that directly affects your lashes is one of the rarest cases, but it could be the case. Your eyelashes, for example, will shed more frequently while growing more quickly if you take pills to increase your hair’s growth. In addition, there are medications that either dry out or oil up your natural lashes. Dry lashes are more likely to break and shed. When natural eyelashes are oily, they get in the way of the glue, which makes the extensions fall out, too.
  • Naturally weak eyelashes: Some individuals have inherently weak eyelashes, making them unsuitable for eyelash extensions. The length, thickness, and curl of your lashes are all factors that should be considered when choosing a lash extension. However, even the most experienced lash technicians may select extensions that are a little too heavy or thick. And the eyelash extensions fall out as a result.
  • Excessive lash combing: In which direction are you rolling your brow brush? Most likely, you’re catching the extension’s base, which is connected to your natural lash. A common mistake made by those who believe their post-operative care regimen is correct is to ignore this warning sign. Make a gentle comb from the middle to the tip of your lashes instead.

How to Care for Your Lash For Show-Stopping Lashes

If you’re a lash extension fanatic, you’re probably wondering how to extend the life of your extensions. Below are some tips for ensuring that your lashes last longer.

  • Keep them dry: Avoid getting your lashes moist during the first 12–24 hours to ensure the strongest attachment possible. This provides sufficient time for the adhesive to cure and attach fully to your eyelashes. Additionally, we recommend avoiding hot environments for the first two days. These environments include hot yoga sessions, saunas, and tanning beds.
  • Sleep on your back: Most doctors recommend sleeping on your back to relieve pressure on your shoulders and spine, and sleeping on your back is also good for your lashes! It is also acceptable to sleep on your side if it is the most comfortable position. The most important thing to remember is not to sleep with your eyelashes facing down on your pillow. Sleeping on your side might cause damage to your eyelash extensions if you press them too hard against the pillow, which is why it’s important to avoid doing so.
  • Brush and clean them regularly: Brush and clean your lashes frequently to extend their lifespan. Gently wipe your lashes with your hands or a lash-cleansing brush. Even if you haven’t been wearing makeup, ensure that you wash your eyelashes along with your face. It is also critical to use an oil-free cleanser when washing them. Oil rapidly degrades the lash adhesive, causing your lashes to fall out more frequently than they should. Also, avoid straining or tugging as much as possible when scrubbing.
  • Be gentle: the less you mess with your lashes, the better! Do not pull, rub, or pick at them in any way. Furthermore, avoid using eyelash curlers. Eyelash curlers will weaken and destroy your extensions. You are, of course, a human being and not a robot. As a result, you are sure to develop an itch around your eyes at some point. We understand. If you experience an itch, make it a habit to brush your lashes instead of touching them.
  • Don’t use waterproof mascara: We recommend that you refrain from using mascara now that your lashes are long, dark, and stunning. However, if you must apply mascara, avoid waterproof mascara, which is difficult to remove and puts additional strain on your lashes. Consider using mascaras that are extension-safe.
  • Apply a sealant to the lashes: In the fall, it’s a good idea to get a lash sealer to keep your lashes looking their best. While a sealant will not prevent your lashes from shedding, it will prolong the life of the glue, which will keep your extensions secured for a longer period. In the fall, your lashes shed a lot. Sealant adds another layer of protection for your lashes, which is important.

There is a lot of work involved in maintaining lash extensions, but the benefits far outweigh the effort. Eyelash extensions can last long if you choose the right technician and adhere to the prescribed routine. Everything will become second nature, and you won’t even realize you’re caring for them.

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