How to Choose Eyelash Extensions: Diameter, Length & Curl

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Eyelash extensions are an easy and low-maintenance way to lengthen, curl and add volume to your eyelashes. With so many different options available in size, length and curl, it can be hard to know which type of extension will work best for you. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right lash extensions for you!

What are the different types of lash curls?

J Curl – These are the most common type of lash extensions, and give you a very natural curl that is similar to your own lashes.

I Curl – These eyelash extensions give you a more dramatic curl, and are perfect for people who want to highlight their eyes or create the ‘cat eye’ look. These lashes can also be used as half eyelashes (or bottom eyelashes) by using less glue on one side of your lash line.

B Curl – These lashes give the appearance of a more dramatic, lifted curl.

C Curl – The C curl is very similar to the J and B curls, but slightly longer and thicker than both options. This type of extension gives your eye look an extra-curled-up lift!

CC Curl – The CC curl eyelash extensions are similar to the C Curl but more curled. This type of eyelash extension is perfect if you want an extra-long lash that gives your eye look more volume and depth.

D Curl – If you have naturally straight lashes these will help lift them up for more volume. They are also great if you want some extra va-va-voom!

U / DD Curl – The DD curl eyelash extensions are the longest of all lash options. These eyelashes give your eyes a very dramatic lift, and make lashes appear much thicker!

L Curl – These eyelash extensions are very dramatic and give your eyes a super-long, fanned-out look.

L+ / LC Curl – The eyelashes are slightly more dramatic than the L curl, and give your lashes an ultra-thick look.

M Curl – This eyelash extension is the most dramatic of all lash options. They are very long, thick, and fluffy. If you want to create a ‘fan-lash’ effect with your eyelashes these are perfect!

What are the different lash lengths?

As eyelash extensions are completely customizable, there are endless options when it comes to length. There’s nothing worse than eyelashes that don’t look natural or make you feel like they’re peeking out of your eyelids!

Here is a list of the most common lash lengths:

Micro – These eyelash extensions give lashes added thickness and length, while still looking extremely natural.

Mini – These eyelash extensions are slightly thicker than the micro lashes and give your eyelashes an extra boost of volume for a very defined look.

Medium Length – This lash type is perfect if you want added thickness to your eyelashes without making them appear too long or fake-looking!

Medium Volume – These eyelash extensions are slightly longer than the medium length lash types, and give your eyelashes a much fuller look.

Long Length – If you want to make it appear as though you have false eyelashes on but still want them to be natural looking, these lashes will do the trick! They also give your eyes a lot of volume and length.

Long Volume – These eyelash extensions are the longest lash types, reaching up to your eyelid! If you want a very dramatic look that makes it appear as though you have false eyelashes on these are perfect for achieving the ‘doll-eye’ effect.

What is the best lash thickness?

Thickness varies depending on your desired effect, eye shape, and personal preference!

Some people like to keep their eyelash extensions slightly thinner for a more subtle appearance while others go for thicker styles that add volume and length to their lashes. Lashes come in varying degrees of fullness to provide the best look for your eyes.

How to choose the right eyelash extensions?

The best way to choose eyelash extensions is by asking your lash artist for professional advice! They’ll be able to help you determine the eyelashes that will look most natural and fluttery on your eyes. You can also ask them which thickness or curl would give a fuller, more dramatic appearance, or if there’s any specific length of eyelash extensions that you should go for.

If eyelash extensions are something new to you, it’s always good to start with a slightly less dramatic look and work your way up until the eyelashes become just right!


Choosing eyelash extensions can seem like a daunting task, but it is important to know the right questions to ask.

Whether you want eyelashes that are long and dramatic or short and subtle, there’s something for everyone!

The best way to choose lash extensions is by consulting with your eyelash artist because they’ll be able to tell exactly what thickness or curl will suit your eyes best. Once you’ve narrowed down which type of eyelash extension would work for your desired look, make sure not to skimp on length; after all, we don’t want any peeking-out-of-eyelids incidents!

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