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No glue works the same for everyone!

Successfully choosing the glue to be used in the eyelash extension process comes from understanding one’s environment and needs. These are the most important questions before choosing the best lash extension glue.

Let us remember that we live in a world that offers many diverse brands and products. Most of them may be similar, but their quality will always vary. That is why it is very important to be well advised and choose the product that meets our demands and needs at all times.

What is the humidity in your workplace?

Believe it or not, it is necessary to be aware of that factor. The performance of the glue will depend on the humidity. Experts recommend that the humidity be 50-55%.

One of the best lash extension glue contains a substance called Cyanoacrylate, which is considered the main ingredient of most of these types of products. This ingredient ensures that the product can dry quickly and keeps our extensions in his place at all times for some weeks. Cyanoacrylate only begins to yield when moisture is present. Simply put, moisture will work as an activating agent for the adhesion of the glue for eyelash extensions.

In short, moisture plays an important role in extension glues and the lash extension application process, as it:

– It will affect the speed of drying your glue during the application.

– This will influence the perfect retention and strength of the lashes.

High humidity glue

If the humidity in your workplace is higher than t recommended levels (say around 60%), the Cyanoacrylate in the glue will be ‘highly activated’ as there is too much humidity on the place, meaning the glue will cure and it will dry faster than usual.

If you use glue that dries too quickly, you will cause the glue beads to dry too soon, causing poor application, poor hold, and early fall out of your lash extensions.

The product will dry 1-2 times faster than the normal speed with the humidity. If the humidity is a little high, use glues that have a slightly slower speed to carry out an adequate procedure.

Low humidity glue

On the contrary, when there is less humidity in the air in your workspace, this can delay the entire process. If the humidity of the work area is less than recommended levels (less than 50%), the Cyanoacrylate in your glue won’t have enough steam to help dry.

This causes problems in the process, like extensions having a “sticky tab” finish, poor placement, and increased exposure of the Cyanoacrylate, which in turn could cause various allergic reactions to the glue. If is very low, try to buy glues with a faster drying speed to perform a satisfactory aesthetic procedure.

What is your speed when placing extensions?

When you are an apprentice in the art of eyelash extensions, of course, you will not be as quick and agile as professional applying extensions for years. Therefore, you should choose products that give you a little more flexibility to correct the placement of each lash extension. We recommend selecting a professional Medical Grade black glue (traditional technique).

Remember not to think about how quickly professional stylists apply for eyelash extensions. Always try to choose the best glue that gives you time for a proper application. You must take into account certain things:

-The time it takes to dip an eyelash extension in the glue.

-Attach it to natural eyelashes.

-Correct or power to redirect tabs, if necessary.

Also, as we told you before, it is good to remember that if the drying speed of the glue is higher, it will dry faster without giving you time to place and correct the eyelash extensions. On the other hand, if the drying rate of your glue is very slow, maybe this interferes with different types of extension and causes lashes to stick together, so be aware of any of these factors at all times.

Is your customer sensitive to glue odors?

This is an important point that you must take into account. You have to be very careful, each client is different, and not all of them have the same reaction. Some are more sensitive to the odors of the glue than others, so try to advise you well which one is the ideal eyelash glue for your work. There are glues on the market with special solutions for this type of client. Most of them carry out tests for allergies and reactions to the odors of these products, hence the importance of using quality products duly designed, tested, and approved by beauty specialists and health.

Different colors of eyelash glue

The glue, in general, whatever the brand or presentation, comes in two colors: black, transparent, or even white. Each of them can be used to solve different problems. Here we explain a little more in-depth in case you had not heard:

Black Color: When you make use of black glue, it is suitable for black eyelash extensions that are classic and voluminous. This is the most common color to work with. One of its benefits and advantages is that the eyelashes acquire a rich tone but at the same time are very natural.

Transparent Color: it is an option considered universal. It is the most suitable for an eyelash extension of any material. Clear lash glue is especially important when working with special lash extensions, such as colored lashes. This helps you when you want to achieve a more natural effect.

What is the best lash extension glue?

This is a subjective question, only you can choose what factors are important to you when working with eyelash extensions, but it is not others that you take into account, the speed with which you work, the technique you use, the needs of your client and much more.

That is why the market offers you a wide variety of glues, each with its unique properties, benefits, and virtues to adapt to your work style. If you want personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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