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Lash Extensions add length and volume to your client’s natural lashes, making them look fuller and thicker. The right extensions can make them feel beautiful without putting in much effort to apply makeup. But what if your clients don’t want lash extensions that are too long or dramatic? What if your client wants a simple way to enhance the beauty of natural lashes? Natural-looking lash extensions are how we do it!

Critical Elements of a Natural Lash Look

Whether your client wishes for a natural set or not, there are at least two things to think about before applying lashes. The first thing is the curl, length, and diameter of lashes. The next is what lash extensions are made out of. Today we’ll go through each of these aspects in more depth so you can provide your clients with the most natural lash extensions.


Choose a natural curl to start. The curls like C and D are not natural, and they make lashes more lifted or dramatic. For a better natural appearance, consider using B Curl eyelash extensions at the beginning. Take some time to study your client’s natural lashes and match them! Curly lashes may not look natural.


Do not use 15 mm lashes because no one has them naturally. Natural-looking lashes can be created with lengths of 12mm lash extension and less, depending on your client’s natural lashes.


Stick to a natural diameter. It’s not difficult to do.

Simply match your client’s natural lash diameter or something only just a little thicker with the extension diameter. If possible, avoid .18 mm, .20 mm, and anything thicker. Too thick of diameter may not be the look your customer is searching for.


Choosing a natural color is one of the most effective ways to get a natural appearance! I’m sure you will skip using purples or pinks, but don’t overlook brown! Although black lash extensions are the most popular, brown lashes can sometimes provide a tiny extra charm of next-level natural-looking lash extensions!


Another important thing is material. At Focus Lashes, we use high-quality PBT material. Natural-looking lashes made with PBT materials are one of the best choices. Of course, you can do silk and synthetic lashes for options as well.

A combination of these factors, which you control, will give your client what they need. You can figure out what that perfect equation is.

When picking the best lashes, keep these in mind: The more curl you choose, the fewer length and diameters the lash should have.

Choosing Classic vs. Volume Lashes

Your clients are confirmed to go with natural eyelash extensions, but you face a choice. You can do it with classic or volume lashes.

If you do it with classic lashes, the safe solution is to pick L Curl lashes or C Curl lashes. If you do it with volume lashes, you’d better choose the lash range of .03mm-.10mm. You can do less than five lashes to make smaller fans so that you can achieve the most natural lash extensions.

Hybrid lashes are also an idea. It is an easy way to create a natural-looking eyelash extension set by mixing classic and volume.

Choosing Eyelash Extension Style and Pattern

When you choose the length and thickness of lashes, don’t forget to think about their style and pattern. Here are two things when designing or planning your style and pattern.

1. Natural lashes are shorter on the inner and outer corners. Make sure to plan for this when deciding how to do your lashes.

2. You will not find lashes that are all the same length, so choose a few lengths and put them in different locations of your lash set.

Keep these two things in mind; your lashes will look more natural.


After reading this article, you should get the main points on how to make natural-looking lash extensions. Your job is to make sure that they are done well after that. And the rest is according to your expert judgment.

You’re in this lash business for a reason, so I’m sure you can create some of the most beautiful work ever!

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