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Many training academies are developing own lash products to use and sell to other lash artists. But actually, the process is not easy and time consuming. After working with over 8K brands, we feel it is important to know the basics before starting your own customized project.

DIY Lash Products

You can see some people on the forums are looking for how to DIY lash products at home.

With so many products in the market, it is surprising to hear that someone wants to risk time and money in mixing and creating these at home without proper insurance, which tends to work out more expensive.

It is important to keep in mind that acquiring all the licenses and certification necessary for production may not be worth it if you are not a manufacturer. As this might lead to a lot of time pouring into something that could cost you more than what you would make. Even if you are able to avoid regulation in the near future, it won’t be possible to avoid it in the long term. You will always need to be compliant and have appropriate testing carried out. This is just not realistic if you are only looking to save a little bit of money.

Likewise, do not re-bottle or relabel a product unless you are able to meet all the necessary requirements for bottling.

Lash Suppliers

A much better option is to find a lash supplier who can help you get started.

The right supplier can help make any business venture more successful. It’s important to find someone who has experience with your industry as well as provides the products you need. Often times, suppliers are able to provide quality lash products or items that are not available on the market which can be advantageous for both parties involved.

And first of all, you need to source the lash samples. This means to test the samples firstly before placing the decent order. This can avoid the big loss compare to place the customized lash order directly.


If you like to d your name on it, you want to make sure the quality is 100% right. So if you don’t have a trusted supplier like Focus Lashes to help you out, this definitely means lots and lots of testing. You will need to buy samples, try them, and see if they align with your brand strategy. This process can take time & money – but it’s a worthwhile investment because you really have to have THE right product for your business before you release it.


Believe it or not, there are labeling laws in certain countries. You need to make sure you know what needs to be included on a label, how it should be presented and which information needs to be present. Beware! Some products on the market may be illegal as salon owners try to just stick a logo or name onto it. As you can see, if one of these mistakes makes it out of your salon and into your customer’s hands, it could cost you a lot more than just the label tag.


Each country and region has its own rules and regulations. The UK and EU have one of the most strict. Whether you are a ‘producer’ or just importing, you are the ‘responsible person’ and liable for conducting quality, challenge and cosmetics safety testing.

It is illegal to import items for re-selling purposes into your own country unless you have a license to do so. Even if you do acquire a license, it still involves going through a lot of paperwork. You could also be fined or otherwise penalized if caught.

Buying from cheap suppliers abroad is risky as you might be buying ingredients that have not been approved for use. Added to this, the communication barrier and lack of documents makes things more complicated. So ensure that you are working with someone is great to go.

Hiddent Costs

If you are importing products to save production costs, it is important to still comply with your import regulations. This includes not only the product being shipped in, but also importation charges like fees, taxes, duties from couriers.

These are just a few things to consider when you’re thinking about creating your own brand or product line to sell to other professionals. If you’re looking to create products for retail then there’s also more that should be considered!

Creating your own brand is best for large businesses. For a small business, it’s often just not worth the effort and money. If you want to start a new salon as an owner, it can be easier to invest in a good brand that will help your business through marketing and support.

Marketing and pricing are important facets in creating a successful company. We can also help you to ensure that your business is organized and running smoothly!

Our expertise with products in the lash industry is unmatched, which allows us to offer you a turnkey solution where we take care of absolutely everything for you. We will not just serve as a manufacturer but also provide our know-how and product knowledge, so that you can focus on branding.

We provide a wide range of products which can be supplied as either white labelled or private label. We carry lashes, adhesives, tools and help sourcing products too. Get in touch if you would like more information.

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