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Whether you just got back from your first appointment with a lash artist, or have been wearing them for a while, learning how to take care of lash extensions is key. Once you’ve learned some tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful lashes on daily basis.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll dive deeper into the topic and discuss what steps you should take to ensure that your eyelash extensions last as long as possible and look great at all times.

Taking care of your lash extensions

When it comes to taking care of your eyelash extensions, there are different steps you should follow right after the treatment (within the first 24-48 hours) and afterward.

Aftercare within the first 24-48 hours

During the first two days of having your lash extensions, you should take some extra care and stick to the following tips:

  1. Do not pick your lashes, and don’t try to fix them. If something is not right, gently brush your lashes and then leave them.
  2. Try sleeping on the back to avoid destroying your false lashes.
  3. Do not watch dramas and avoid any situations that could make you cry.
  4. Skip saunas, stream rooms, sunbeds, and pools. All of that could prevent your false lashes from properly bonding.
  5. Do not use oil-based makeup products. If possible, avoid using makeup altogether.

Eyelash extension aftercare

After eyelash extension treatment, make sure you follow these steps to ensure that your lashes last as long as possible:

  1. Wash lash extensions daily. One of the most common myths regarding lash extensions is that you cannot wet lash extensions. The truth is the opposite. If you’d like to read more on why washing lashes is key, we highly recommend reading our previous blog post.
  2. Use gentle products. Once you get eyelash extensions, you need to wash them daily with specially created foam cleansers.
  3. Do not use products that contain oils, and avoid any waterproof products. Such products will make your false lashes lasting shorter than they could. Hence, opt for non-oil-based cosmetic products.

Dos and don’ts for eyelash extensions

To improve the retention of your eyelash extensions, consider the following dos and don’ts.


  1. Use oil-free products, eye cleansers, and makeup removers. It is important to avoid oil-based products as they tend to an act the adhesive bond of the glue.
  2. Brush your lashes regularly. Brushing your extensions two times a day (in the morning and before bedtime) is key. As always, be gentle, and use your mascara brush to do that.
  3. Book regular refill visits with your lash artist. To ensure you have perfect lashes at all times, scheduling regular appointments for in las is key.
  4. If you can, sleep on your back. There are many people who hate sleeping on their backs, and you may be one of them. However, if you want to improve your lash retention, try this tip out!


  1. No picking. If you see that something is not right, consult your lash artist that will fix the extensions without ruining them.
  2. Avoid oil-based products. It’s worth repeating over and over again that oil-based products are no good when you have false lashes.
  3. Don’t go to the cheapest lashes artist. Whether it’s a refill procedure or an actual treatment, always choose the most qualified artist you can afford to avoid any irritations and fake-looking lashes.

Do you have to refill eyelash extensions?

The short answer is – YES! Once you get eyelash extensions, you are committed to taking care of them and visiting your eyelash master for regular refills.

It is generally agreed that most people lose 2 to 3 natural lashes every day. It means that, on average, you are losing 21 lashes every week, 42 lashes every two weeks, and around 63 lashes every three weeks.

It is important to visit your eyelash artist every two to three weeks to get refills and ensure that your extensions look as good as possible. If you want to improve your lash retention, we highly recommend testing out our Instant Cure Product!

Eyelash extensions aftercare tools and products

Now that you are aware of some of the best tips you should follow when it comes to eyelash extensions, let’s look at what kind of products and tools you should invest in:

  1. Eyelash or mascara brush. This little tool will help you take care of your lash extensions between appointments with your lash artist.
  2. Tweezers. If you have had lash extensions for a while, you may have got accustomed to using tweezers to remove some individual lashes that no longer look good. However, skip this step and book the earliest appointment with your lash artist if you are just starting with lash extensions.
  3. Instant Cure product. It’s one of the best products that can help to increase your lash retention.
  4. Eyelash Serum and Treatments. These products are optional, but they are great if you want to improve your natural eyelashes and increase their growth.


Can I use baby shampoo to clean my eyelash extensions?

No. The PH level of baby shampoo is not designed for lash extensions and can affect lash retention. Instead, invest in a product created specifically for false lashes.

Can you swim in the ocean with lash extensions?

Absolutely. However, always remember to wash your lashes after the swim, as salty water can affect retention. Moreover, salty water also is likely to irritate eyes even if you are not wearing extensions. As lash extensions take a longer time to dry after the swim, wash them to avoid unpleasant feeling.

Can I use micellar water to clean eyelash extensions?

Technically, you could, but we do not recommend it. You will only get a good result with micellar water if it’s PH level is the same as lash extensions foam cleansers, so it’s not too oily. Therefore, always read the ingredient list before using the micellar water for your false lashes.

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