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There’s nothing like a good laugh or remedy to get through those long lashing days. We reached out to three of out rusted and true, to share some lash anecdotes.

What is your guilty lash habit and how does it affect your lashing?

Crystal – Coffee 100%. I always wear a mask to protect myself and my clients from sharing more than just good gossip – which for me is coffee, and lots of it! I tell my client not to drink caffeine before their appointment and then make them smell the aroma of my Starbucks traveller. Sorry… Not sorry?

Vannie – Talking to a client while doing her lashes! I love interacting with my clients, especially with those who are extremely chatty. But the biggest downfall is that it can slow me down unknowingly. Sometimes I just tell my clients that I love them but it’s time to sleep and let me get to work. 

What is the craziest thing a client has done and how did you manage it?

Crystal – This wasn’t directly to my client but when I was working in an open concept lash studio the client next to me had her boyfriend rub her feet during her lash fill. At the time I remember thinking many different things like “What is the other lash artist thinking?”, “Can she isolate properly with the movement from the toe pulls?”, “Does the lady have bad bunions? ” “This is the possibly the sweetest thing ever (not at all crazy)”, “Could her boyfriend have time to rub my feet maybe?”,”Will he go wash his hands after? ” ” Should someone offer him lotion at least????” After she left we agreed that the studio would have a no friend/boyfriend by the bedside policy as we never intended to offer head to toe services. Socks on please and leave your bf in the car!

Yuel – It was a first-time client, and she was super relaxed and sweet. I suggested she make herself comfortable while I stepped out of the room to grab supplies. To my surprise, when I returned, she was naked on the bed! At first, I didn’t know hot to react, but my face gave me away and she saw my embarrassment. She said, “Don’t worry hun. Plenty of people have seen my breasts before. I’m just more comfortable without clothes.”

She began falling asleep before I could even put her eye pads on, so I suggested she cover herself, so she wouldn’t catch a chill. She happily agreed, and I began to lash. Midway through her application, she was overheating and guess what…BOOBS OUT AGAIN! It was a great opportunity for me to focus on my lashing speed!

Vannie – I was finishing up with one of my clients and she knew her appointment was coming to a finish as I was nano-misting – the final step to curing those extensions. She began to stretch and by natural reflex with her eyes still closed, she turned her head to the side and her hair went straight into my glue! I was mortified! She didn’t realize it at first, but it took us a good three seconds to react and process what had just happened before she blurted, “OMG, did I just…?”. I quickly applied adhesive remover and let it sit for a LONG time. Let me tell you, it’s much harder to get a chunk of glue out of someone’s hair, than it is getting adhered extensions off with the remover!

What is your most embarrassing lash moment?

Crystal – I used to always use a full exercise ball for a chair to lash clients and I would love to say only one time did I lose my centre of balance, but there has been more free-falling, life-flashing, catch-me-Susan-this-is-the-end moments to be able to count. That’s probably the top of my embarrassment mountain!

Yuel – When my four-pound Mini Yorkie, Romi bit her senior years, she went fully blind. I decided to take her to work for couple weeks, so she wouldn’t go crashing into walls if left alone. She’s little, but snores like a 70-year-old grandpa! I was constantly kicking her bed at least 10 times per client! Although my clients thought she was cute and loved her, I was embarrassed and felt so unprofessional. Even today some of my girls call their lash nap a “Romi nap”.

What’s the juiciest story you’ve heard from a client?

Yuel – Some of my clients have become close friends, and others really do think I’m a psychologist. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it all! From stories that end under the sheets, Tinder dates, innocent lies at work (like saying they’re at a doctor’s appointment, while getting lashed by me), to really heart touching experiences. And, to all those lash clients of mine – your secrets are safe with me!

Do you have any secret remedies?

Yuel – Each one of my clients knows “The Mexican Lash Remedy”. Although I’m extremely careful during application, some clients can still be sensitive to the adhesive fumes, or pads can shift with chatty gals, resulting in red or sore eyes. After application, I always suggest to cold brew chamomile tea and use it as non-stinging eye drops. Chamomile has been used to relieve redness, inflammation, and irritation. It works wonders!

By Vannie Llamas, Crystal Harvey & Yuel Loo

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