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eyelash extension in saudi arabia

Erika has been passionate about lashes for a long time – it was her favourite beauty treatment in Japan. She moved to Saudi Arabia in 2013 and could not find a professional lash artist so she decided t start her own business. I am very honored to re-present Flawless Lashes by Loreta team in Saudi Arabia and share professional skills with others.

Saudi Arabia where I have been living for eight years now has changed a lot in past eight years. When I arrived here eight years ago, I was certain that I could find professional lash salon same as Japan.

So I went to salon to do “lash extension” (one by one technique) and I was applied “clusters”and they told me NEVER access water on lashes. Right after 5 hours lashes fell by themselves. When I asked people here, nobody knew “Lash extension” which is one by one technique. They only knew “clusters” or applying strip lashes.

Now 2021, lash extensions are booming in Saudi Arabia just like any other countries.

So many ladies and salons are offering lash extensions service. In Saudi Arabia or Middle East, women used to (some of them still do) apply so much make up on their eyes and have very heavy style strip lashes to make their eyes look dark and sharp. I think one of the reasons is because of covering their face except eyes (religious reason).

I remember I was quite surprised how much make up they applied for parties or weddings.

You cannot even recognize their face due to heavily applied make up. The world was going towards more ” natural look and here they were going complete opposite way or stayed in this way for long time.

But when I started lashes in 2017. I provided natural style lashes which they never feel uncomfortable or too long or making their eyes smaller. And surprisingly they appreciated my lashes so much because it was something NEW to them that they could have their lashes exactly what they wanted. So I was quite convinced that there was a demand on natural look for Saudi women, they just could not find the right person or salon to do so.

By word by mouth my business was spread rapidly. Till now, most of my clients come to me looking for natural look lashes. And, I take my time for consultation to listen what clients are exactly looking for and examine their eyes shape to choose the best lash design. The most popular menu at my salon is CLASSIC and HYBRID (mix of classic and volume). These are the most ones can provide daily use look lashes at my salon. Of course depending on what clients are looking for their desire look but I am very happy to be able to provide lash styles that they are looking for.

Now more women are looking for having natural look in general and natural eyes make up including eye lashes. They want to have more natural look, not fake, not making their eyes small by having unsuitable lash style.

As I said, lash extensions are very popular service in Saudi Arabia now, some people do this service unbelievably cheap price and some people are charging extremely high price. My prices are not cheap but reasonable price for what I can provide for my professional technique. I have worked very hard to obtain my skills, invested so much on my lash education by traveling around to reach out the best trainers around the world.

Sadly, majority of women in here still believe that lash extensions damages their natural lashes. That believe comes from their previous bad lash experiences by uneducated lash technician.

So I became certified lash trainer by Flawleslashes by Loreta in 2019 and started providing Professional lash training here in Saudi Arabia.

I also deeply care about my lash education so I wanted to provide the BEST quality lash education as well as lash products to start with. I keep my training very small group (either one on one VIP or one on two semi private) so that I can keep my 100% attention to my students.

So far, all my students are doing well and providing very professional lash services which makes me very happy.

My motto is always QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I will keep providing the BEST lash service and lash education to build my community even bigger here in Saudi Arabia.

Ins: omotenashi_eyelashes

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