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Would you like to wow someone with stunning lash extensions or individual lashes but don’t know how to choose? If you are struggling with this, this post is for you.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions extend your natural lashes. And as with the lashes grow cycle, your lashes look longer. They are more expensive than individual lashes and should only be applied by a trained technician. They are a good investment as they last and open up your eyes by giving you an even lash line.

What are Individual Lashes?

These are clumps of lashes applied to your eyes and allow your lashes to look thicker and more luxurious. This is a method that you can apply yourself, and many people do this at home and have done it for years. They are easy to remove.

Which are Better Lash Extensions or Individual Lashes?

This is a personal choice, but if you are in the public eye as a high-profile media or public relations representative, you owe it to yourself to have eyelash extensions. However, individual lashes would be a good choice for a single occasion like a wedding or milestone birthday party and will look great in the photos.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

When an expert applies your eyelash extensions, they are extremely safe. The trained professional use medical tape to attach the extensions and will use non-allergenic gel pads to reduce the irritation to the delicate eye area. So you won’t feel like rubbing your eyes, and the look will be natural.

Are Individual Lashes Safe?

Yes, individual lashes are also safe. When applying the individual lashes yourself at home, make sure that the weight is not too heavy. When you take them off, it can result in some loss of your natural lashes. So you’d better be careful and don’t rely on individual lashes too much.

Where can I get Lash Extensions?

You will need an appointment with a trained lash artist. Allow at least 60 minutes for your first appointment, as the process can’t be rushed. Some advantages of Lash Extensions are:

  • They make your eyes look bigger
  • Your lashes will have double their original volume
  • The thickness should be 1 to 1.5 mm to look natural.
  • The extensions should last for 4 weeks, but book for maintenance in 3 weeks and be guided by the expert.
  • You will look much better in photographs, and when you are doing film and television work.

How Much do Lash Extensions Cost?

You want the best, so expect to pay anywhere between 150 and 500 USD. You are paying for the expertise of the artist. If you are an older person, don’t hesitate, you can still get eyelash extensions to create a more natural look. You will be able to try the slightly curled lashes to create an open-eyed effect. So if you are marrying for the second or third time, you owe it to yourself to look your best and start as you intend to continue.

Where Can I get Individual Lashes?

You can purchase your lashes at Sephora, or on Amazon once you know what you are looking for. If you are worried about applying individual lashes, take an online course aimed at those who want to apply their own lashes from home. It is important to learn the correct techniques to be equipped to undertake a new skill.

How Much do Individual Lashes Cost?

Individual lashes are much cheaper than lash extensions, averaging 6-10 USD per packet. However, there are some other things that you will need to purchase, and you will require a good cleanser that doesn’t irritate your eyes and some cleaning pads to cleanse the area thoroughly first. I would also recommend some anti-irritation non-prescription eye drops from the pharmacy to make sure you flush your eyes thoroughly in case of residual debris.

Where do I Purchase my Supplies

Once you know what you need regularly, you can purchase everything you need on Amazon. Doing an online course will give you exactly what you need to get started. Always buy the best, as your eyes are precious and you don’t want to cause any harm to yourself.

When you go into a major store like Sephora or Walgreens, you can look around and get an idea of what they have available. This is a good way to familiarize yourself with the products when you have the time.

How Can I Become a Lash Artist?

If you are serious about becoming a lash artist, there are beauty training schools that you can pay a fee to attend. Try to work at a local beauty salon, and they will help you find the right training. By starting in a reputable salon as a junior, you will undertake training over a couple of years. Once you become a lash artist, you will command a high fee for your skills and open your salon.

Concentrate on being the best, and people will seek you out.


That’s all you need to know about lash extensions and individual lashes. If you’re like to invest in your lashing skills and wow your clients with your extensions, check out focus lashes knowledge and eyelash products as well.

Becoming adept at lash extensions and individual lashes is creative, artistic work and worth pursuing. And to start young is an advantage. Many clever girls and boys end up working on film sets and television. Having a portable skill makes you highly employable and sought after, and you will have your clients for life.

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