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By Maddie Cowan

No matter where you’re at in your lash career, it’s important to know where to seek help when looking for it. Nowadays with social media we have many platforms that gives us the opportunity to get the help we need. These different groups and forms are so vital to have in our industry because it’s new, yet growing rapidly. Having these groups can make you feel included, supported and empowered. You see such a range of questions, advice, opinions and reviews. It’s common to see artists seeking advice on client issues, troubleshooting adhesive problems or struggles they’re having in their sets. Artists on these forums are free to ask anything ranging from options unlash brands, products and course reviews.

One of the things I really love about having lash forums is being about to relate and weigh in on the struggles other lash artists have. On social media it’s easy to get caught up in what’s seems like perfection, knowing that what we are putting our is only our best work. It’s hard not comparing yourself to one another and really at times just feeling good enough. I feel like in these forums we are able to be transparent and realize we aren’t alone in the struggles that come with being a lash artist.

We all want to feel like we are a part of something, right? That’s one of the many reasons I’ve loved being a part of Borboleta’s Insider program. The Insider program by Borboleta Beauty, is a unique program that brings to together lash artists in the growing lash community. It’s unique because this program wants to include anyone in the lash industry, who’s been certified as a lash artist to be included and a part of Borboleta and the supportive industry that follows it.

My experience being a part of the Insider program has been overwhelmingly supportive and empowering. The Insider program gives you so many opportunities to be involved and to make those connections in the lash industry. Each year I’m anxious to see the ways Borboleta grows these programs and continues to break through as leaders in our industry. I’ve created lifelong friendships with inspiring individuals from all over because of this program. Bonding with these individuals over social media and then getting to meet up in person at an event is truly an amazing experience. It’s incredible being able to meet others based on the same passion in life, lashing. Building those connections and making those friendships have been one of the huge reasons I love the industry I’m in.

If you’re wanting to grow as an artist, business, educator or influencer its essential to be a part of these forums or Insider like programs. With this industry just starting out, I can’t wait to see what else holds for the future in these forms of support.

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