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By Jill Heijligers-Peloquin from LashFX

Consumers are increasingly informed and curious about how the services they book will be performed. How long will the effect last? Is it a good value? What are the risks? Is it safe? They’re no longer offering themselves up blindly as guinea pigs for the sake of beauty. The way they establish their informed consent is exactly how you do: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Beauty Blogger reviews and insider articles in Marie-Claire, Allure and other publications set the bar for initial expectations. 

If you are a new service provider, having recently learned how to apply eyelash extensions, you are bringing the same informed curiosity to the service game! This can be a winning advantage or a fearful point of entry. Let’s tip the scale for you to favour the winning advantage!

For the sake of this conversation, a “Lash Newbie” does not mean you are fresh out of lash class. A Lash Newbie can also be defined as someone already making a living performing eyelash extensions – they just perhaps have yet to master advanced techniques and challenging scenarios.

LASH NEWBIES NOW have exciting benefits automatically built into their foundational training. This is great news – your first win – something to hold onto while worrying about how to fashion the investment in training, tools and supplies into a happy, profitable career. 

You’re learning curve is a very different journey than that of your educator’s. It’s shorter, richer and designed to prepare you for success. Your educators and mentors have designed their programs to be more dynamic and effective than what they experienced. It’s a smart evolution that benefits both newbie and mentor.

Educators are taking students farther in their first courses than ever before. Some teach “Straight to Volume”. Some offer the entire academia of their course before a student sets foot in the classroom. This creates space for more practical exercise, model work and personal attention. A new lash grad can walk away with more practical, hands-on experience than ever before. They leave the classroom with more confidence and less confusion.

Because the lash industry has outgrown its training pants, and the supplies used have also matured and improved, everyone is benefitting: lash artists, clients, educators and students.

If you are a “Lash Newbie”, keep these points in mind. Be confident. Stay coachable. Here’s how to progress quickly, reach proficiency and stretch into mastery:

  • Find a lash mentor. (Hint: the perfect mentor may not be your original instructor.)
  • Embrace the business side of the lash biz early and earnestly. It’s a business, not a hobby.
  • Document your work with photos and notes. This can help you legally, but also will encourage you, as you see your progress!
  • Reserve energy and income to attend webinars, online classes, conferences and continuing education. You’ll be ready to stretch and grow sooner than you think!
  • Do not fall for every shiny object(i.e. new tweezer designs that promise miracles – seasoned veterans also fall for this!)
  • Beware of the free degree from YouTube, IGTV and Facebook Groups. Complete, quality education is not free, and not accessible to everyone who can search the internet.
  • Commit to at least 1 proper continuing education course per year.

Lash Newbies THEN were not prepared enough to realize that a lash certificate is simply the official beginning of a journey. It is a pretty piece of paper that can be framed and placed on the wall. Yes, it is an achievement, but it isn’t a distinction of mastery. Time in the saddle and regular, continuing education is how to create a genuine patina off expertise. 

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Nova Wang
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