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By Jenelle Paris, Founder of Lash Affair

M Curl is the hottest trend of 2020. Okay, maybe not trendier than Tik tok, but lash artists have been raving about M Curl everywhere I look. I got certified in lashes in 2008 and founded Lash Affair in 2013. We’ve always been a fan of specially curls but these just hit differently. They are similar to L curl, but in my opinion, better. Here at Lash Affair, our team has been doing some serious quality control to make sure we released an M Curl we could stand behind.

M Curl has been all the rage from artists and clients alike for a variety of reasons. M Curl can make a cat eye map even more dramatic. By placing the lashes on the outer corners you’ll get that feline flick you’re looking for.

Have hooded lids? No problem. The lift of M Curl can make hooded eyelids/mono lids appear more open and can overall lift the appearance of the face. I like to use M Curl to build texture as well. M Curl can be used solo or can be mixed with CC curl to really create that dimension.

So what does M Curl look like?

Sister to the already popular L Curl, M Curl has a straight base for flush attachment and lifts up with more of a curved bend than L Curl. Think D Curl curve on an L curl. Does this all sound like algebra to you?

Pretty much everyone will look good with M Curl, but it will make the biggest difference for clients with straight lashes. The straight base will adhere to the natural lashes well and lift them making a major difference. We all know how important flush placement is “wink wink” better retention.

The coolest use of M Curl can be on a client with down turned eyes. The intense bend up with lift the end of the eye making it appear lifted. This type of corrective styling can be life-changing. Keep in mind M Curl won’t extend too far out like C Curl or make the end of the eyes look droopy. Instead, you’ll see a correction with the edge of the eyes looking more lifted. Win!

Ready to try it out? Lash Affair has your back. M Curl is available in our luxury collection in 0.07 with mixed length tray options. M Curl is the perfect option for anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone and try something fun and new! Did we mention fun?

Lash Affair gives you the confidence to break through the bullshit, push for what you deserve, and reveal who you really are. We enable you through the most innovative information in the industry to inspire your success. Feel your power. Change Your Story.

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