Should You Get Mega Volume Lash Extensions?

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A great set of lashes sets off your eyes. They can turn drab, almost alien-looking sparse eyelids into a date night dream or a sophisticated businesswoman style. It is all in how you pair them with your eye shadow and which volume you choose. When looking at eyelash extensions, you should consider:

  • The health of your current eyelashes
  • The look you want
  • The amount of makeup you like to apply

So, what are the differences between the various volumes of eyelash extensions? You can go for a natural look to correct your sparse eyelid problem or go for a set to pump up your lashes and make your eyes pop.

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Mega Volume Lashes vs. Volume Lashes

The difference between mega volume lashes and volume lashes boils down to:

  • The number of false eyelashes used to create each fan
  • The diameter of each eyelash

Your eyelash extensions come in fans. While your natural lashes only have one eyelash growing out of each point, the extensions have multiple lashes that fan out. This is what adds volume to your current eyelashes.

Classic volume lashes typically have:

  • Two to five eyelashes per fan
  • Each eyelash has a diameter of 0.05 to 0.07 mm

Your mega volume lashes are typically bigger. They have:

  • Six to 16 eyelashes per fan
  • Each eyelash has a diameter of 0.03 to 0.05 mm
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Are Mega Volume Lashes Safe?

Ultimately, eyelash extensions are a tested and safe cosmetic product to use. You shouldn’t have problems with the glues used on the eyelash extensions because they are placed on your eyelashes, not your eyelids.

The main things that will make mega lash extensions safe and effective for you include:

  • Proper application
  • Good aftercare

Maybe you look at the sets with more lashes and dream of adding this kind of emphasis to your eyes. The mega volume sets tend to be the heaviest on the market. Before purchasing this kind of extension set, you should look at your natural eyelashes.

Your ultimate goal should be healthy eyes and eyelashes, not beauty. If you are someone who picks at your eyelashes and is looking for an eyelash extension to cover it up, going for a lighter-weight set will work better. They will remind you not to pick at your eyelashes while you have them. Plus, extensions with less volume work better with sparser eyelashes.

But, if your natural eyelashes are healthy, you are perfectly fine to go with a mega volume set. For instance, someone with thriving natural eyelashes can typically handle lash extensions with a 0.15 mm diameter if only one lash is on the “fan.” If you have healthy lashes, you can handle three eyelashes on your fan with a diameter of 0.07 mm too.

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When to Choose Mega Volume Lashes

When to choose an eyelash set with more volume is a very valid question. Mega volume sets are great if you want to look like you did your makeup and mascara, but you don’t want to put in the effort actually to do it every morning. Mega volume lashes also:

  • Give you a dramatic look
  • Are fitting for a girls night out
  • Have that youthful college girl vibe

Suppose you want more of a businesswoman flare or a sexy soccer mom look. In that case, you may go with the traditional volume lashes. Your lash artist will be able to help you decide what kind of set you need for your lifestyle and what will go best with your daily makeup routine.

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How to Achieve Density Without Damaging the Natural Lashes?

It is true that if your lash extensions are misapplied, you can damage your natural lashes. You can make them look more sparse, break them off, or even rip them out.

But there is some simple advice to ensure that your eyelash set is applied correctly.

1. Don’t Put Extensions on All of Your Lashes

Your eyelashes grow at different stages. For instance, your newly sprouted eyelashes are your “baby lashes,” and your eyelashes that have been growing for a few weeks are your teenage lashes. Eyelashes have a growth cycle of six to eight weeks. So your adult lashes will typically be fully developed and can last four to eleven months once fully grown.

Suppose you apply the same eyelashes extensions to each of these natural lashes in weeks. Instead of just needing a fill, the set will not need to be replaced. You should not apply extensions to baby lashes, as they still need time to grow and get strong before having weight added to them. However, teenage lashes should have a lighter extension than adult lashes.

2. Don’t Stick a Fan to More Than one of Your Natural Lashes

One widespread mistake is gluing a mega lash fan onto more than one of your natural eyelashes. Suppose your natural eyelashes are not long enough or healthy enough to handle the mega lash fan. In that case, you may need to go down in volume. But you should always place a fan on only one of your natural eyelashes. You should not have the same fan spanning more than one natural lash. This can cause the lashes to break off or get tangled together.

3. Watch the Length of Your Natural Lashes

When you apply extensions, you should watch the natural growth stages of your eyelashes and strive to make the sets symmetrical. You shouldn’t put extensions on all of your lashes. Lashes of the same weight and diameter come in different lengths.

Put extensions of different lengths on lashes in different growth stages. It would be best to put longer extensions on your adult lashes and shorter, lighter extensions on those in the teenage phase.

You want to create a symmetrical fan look across your lashes. Your eyes should match.

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Try Them For Yourself

When you look around at today’s fashion world, you cannot help but notice everyone has thriving, fluffy eyelashes. You can even spot them when you look around the grocery store. If the idea of trying out this booming trend has piqued your interest, set up an appointment with your local lash artist to give it a try.

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