Pre-Fanned Russian Volume: The Pros & Cons

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premade fans

Pre made fans are a very controversial topic. Lately it’s been widely discussed with lots of different people, with more than one different opinion.

Back in the day we would have been very much against pre made fans. However with the industry growth comes improved, safer and better quality products.

Pre made fans are no exception!

Before anyone puts a finger (tweezers) on that kind of lash extensions method, it’s extremely important to understand the pros and cons.


If you are the person, that no matter how much you’ve practiced, still struggles to make fans – pre made fans will save you time. That way you will be able to work on more clients in shorter amount of time.


Pre made fans will give you an opportunity to create a perfect set of lash extensions with a longer lasting fluffy look. Pre made fans do not “close” in the way bespoke fans do.


If you know how to use classic or volume lashes – pre made fans will be very easy to use. Again they will give you greater speed and confidence in creating an excellent end result.

As all of us know there is no pros without cons…


Pre made fans base will not wrap around natural lash. Therefore it may effect retention (but it’s no fact that it will).


One of the biggest reasons why we were so against the pre made fans was thick base. Nowadays you can find pre made fans can be with very thin base too. It’s all about quality and doing your research.


High quality pre made fans will cost you a lot more. That means you will have to put your price up (a lot more). Also if you have never had volume training, most likely you will need to attend one in order to understand the weight of pre made fans and safe ways of working with multiple extensions.

When making our pre made fans we took all of these factors into account.

We have considered the eye health of clients, as our pre made fans are rigorously tested and handmade. Having the fans being heat bonded as opposed to glue bonded, which means there is no excess weight from extra glue. So, if you were to create a 4D fan with 0.07 lashes it would weight 0.136mg, but one of our 8D would weight the same.

We all strive to deliver a fast and flawless result for our clients, with ease fans it can be achieved in no time. Though they cost more, when using pre made fans you will save so much time that you can even fit more clients into the day!

So, why spend hours upon hours painstakingly making perfectly symmetrical mega volume fans, when we can do that for you?

Written with Inga K. & Manami E.

Flawless lashes by Loreta

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