0.05mm Easy Fan





C, CC, D, DD


8-25mm single or mixed length


Custom, Normal


50 trays for customized

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Focus Lashes are made with the finest Korean PBT fibers. Each row is double-checked to ensure the best condition when received. We have various thicknesses, lengths, curls, and colors allowing for customization.

Our faux velvet eyelash extension blooming with glue at the root. Make a bunch while dividing, but the roots are firmly, pulled out together as cluster lashes, no split. Multi-level length range makes the grafting more natural, Natural length range design with distinct gradation.

Our easy fanning eyelashes enables you to graft faster, saving your time. It is easy to operate and good for both beginners and experienced technician.

For clients like to create the Kar-lash-ian look, you can do fan making with our 0.05mm multi-length Easy Fan Lashes in just HALF the time!

8-25mm single or mixed length are available.


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