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Russian Volume Lash Extensions are the newest trend in eyelash extensions. And there are many benefits of getting Russian Volume lashes over standard Russian lashes, including increased Volume, length, and durability. If you’re looking for a new way to make your eyes pop, this article will help you learn everything you need to know about Russian Volume lashes!

What are Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

Russian Volume Lash techniques combine individual lashes into clusters of five or less, while traditional Russian lashes are applied one lash at a time. Russian Volume lashes are typically made of synthetic fibers, not mink or real hair like traditional classic lashes.

Russian Volume Lashes are permanent lash extensions like classic lashes. Only they give you up to three times more Volume! Russian Volume Lash Extensions also last longer than standard classic eyelash extensions- about six to eight weeks.

Who is most suitable for Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian Volume Lashes are great for anyone who wants long-lasting, fuller-looking lashes. Russian Volume lash extensions look best on individuals with fair or thin eyelids as they give the most dramatic effect possible!

How does Russian Volume differ from Classic Lashes? 

Russian Volume Lash Extension clients get more Volume and length with Russian Volume lashes because you can apply up to three times as many Russian Volume Lashes in the same space. Russian Volume lashes also last longer than classic lash extensions, about six weeks or longer!

Russia Volume Lash Tutorial

How do I care for Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian Volume eyelash extensions should be cared for in the same way that classic Russian lashes are. Russian Volume lashes should be applied with glue at least once every three weeks to ensure they do not fall out prematurely. Russian volume lash clients will need fill-ins, so plan to come back for complete sets every four or five weeks!

What is your favorite part of Russian Volume lashes?

My favorite part about Russian Volume Lash Extensions is the dramatic look they give you! Russian volume eyelash extensions are great for anyone looking to have fuller, longer-looking lashes. Russian Volume Lashes also last much longer than regular lash services, so it’s a win-win situation all around.  

What is the thickness of Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian Volume Lashes are typically about 0.06mm thick, while classic Russian lashes tend to be thicker at around 0.15mm thick!

What is the price of Russian Volume Lash Extensions?

The cost for Russian Volume Lash Extensions may vary depending on where you live and how many sets you need to be done, but they usually start at about $200 per set.


Russian Volume Lash Extensions are popular in the eyelash extensions industry. It is different from traditional Russian lash extensions because you can get up to three times more Volume with Russian Volume! You will also notice that they last longer than other standard lash services, about six to eight weeks on average. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, contact your local Russian lash studio for a full set!

If you have any further questions about Russian Volume Lash Extensions, feel free to contact us today.

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