Seasonal Hair Loss and its Effects on Your Eyelashes

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By Mary Jean Javier

You might have experienced increased lash loss after an eyelash extension treatment and maybe thought that your lash technician did a poor job. While cases of increased lash loss might be due to poor service, if you have went to a good lash technician the more likely cause is natural conditions.

You can expect to experience increased hair loss and in turn lash loss during spring and autumn seasons. Below is a detailed explanation of the biological cause of hair loss during these seasons and possible solutions.

What Causes Temporary Hair Loss During Spring and Autumn?

The main cause of increased hair loss is due to the changing life cycle of cells in your body during these seasons. Due to the intensive renewal of cells, the skin starts to peel, which causes hair loss. This process is normal for mammals, so it should not worry you. The same process happens to your lashes, and you might notice that your eyelash extensions fall off more often during spring and autumn.

Human hair is always on a growth cycle that causes normal shredding of hair strands. According to scientific studies, a human loses up to 100 hair strands per day and loses 1-4 eyelashes per eye per day. This number might increase in different seasons due to changes in temperature. Temperature changes usually affect hormonal balance within the body, which explains the increased loss of hair. This is a temporary condition that lasts for six weeks at most.

Another important factor to note is that increased temperature levels can make the body to produce less melatonin. This interferes with the hormone levels in your scalp, which can lead to increased shedding of hair.

Seasonal Hair Loss Effects on Your Lashes

Just like any other part of your body, eyelashes face the same seasonal effects. If you have experienced unusual shedding of lashes, do not rule out seasonal and climatic changes as the main cause. You might need to go for lash infills more often during spring and autumn, but this is a temporary condition that should not lash more than two lash cycles.

Possible Solution for Seasonal Hair Loss

Take foods rich in iron and vitamin B

To increase iron levels, you can take lentils, fish, red meat, sea food, eggs or giblets. For Vitamin B, you can take hard cheeses, vegetables, fruits, fatty fish and whole grain cereals, These nutrients are important in strengthening hair and improving growth.

* Dietary supplements

Taking dietary supplements that help to reduce hair loss can prepare you for the coming seasons. Dermatologists suggest taking such supplements three months before the beginning of spring or autumn if you want to avoid hair loss during these seasons.

* Anti-hair loss treatments

You can prevent hair loss by taking treatments that are rich in amino acids. This will strengthen the keratin structure of your hair follicles to avoid increased loss of lashes.

* Consider lash infills

The simplest way to deal with seasonal loss of lashes is to visit your lash professional for infills. Since this is a temporary condition that will be over in a few weeks, lash infills will solve your problem more easily.

Advice from Luxe Lashes by Angel

We advise our clients not to worry if they have problems with lashes falling off faster during spring and autumn. This is a normal condition that should last for a few weeks. Explain lash shedding to your clients and what they might experience so there are no surprises. We are ready in these seasons to offer more great infills to ensure clients eyelash extension stay strong and healthy.

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