The Definitive Guide to Eyelash Extension Tweezers

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eyelash extension tweezers

Eyelash extension tweezers are the perfect eyelash tool for lash stylists. They allow you to precisely grab hair and pull it out without bending or breaking your eyelashes. That means no more eyelashes left on your face! This guide will help you find the best eyelash extension tweezers for every budget, as well as how to use them properly.

Types of eyelash tweezers

1. Straight Lash Tweezer

Let us begin with the common tweezer – the straight lash tweezer!

Straight lash tweezers are long and thin with a tapered tip. These closely resemble a regular tweezer, which is why our ferocious eyebrow pluckers can use them.

These straight lash tweezers are designed to help you remove eyelash extensions with ease! Don’t be concerned about misplacing your precious lashes—the ends of these tweezers are perfectly set up to provide the maximum grip.

2. Pointed Straight Lash Tweezer

When it comes to lash isolation, the pointed straight lash tweezers are your best friend. These tweezers keep the client’s natural lashes separated and unclumpy.

This tweezer looks like the straight lash tweezer, but it is different. The pointed straight lash tweezer has a more sudden curve and its point is sharper than the straight lash one.

3. Isolation Lash Tweezers

The isolation lash tweezer aids in the creation of your ideal appearance by keeping natural lashes separate. You may use another tweezer in your other hand to attach Lash extensions for your clients while holding this tweezer in your non-dominant hand.

An isolation tweezer has a little curve on the underside. This curvature allows for excellent isolation, which is closer to the lid of the eye. With these tweezers, you won’t have to worry about losing an isolated lash.

4. Pointed Curve Lash Tweezers

Ladies, this is the tweezer for you if you’re searching for an all-rounder! You don’t have to choose a side when it comes to the classic vs. volume eyelash extensions debate.

The pointed curve lash tweezer has a short base. This makes it easy to pick up multiple lashes with one hand, which is good for full-on volume fans. These tweezers are also good for classic lashing if you need them!

5. Pointed Edge Lash Tweezers

Pointed edge tweezers are just as good at picking up lashes as the ones with curved edges. They can be used for a full lash look or to do classic lash styles easily.

This lash tweezer curves in gradually before curving back with its inclined tips.

6. Curved Lash Tweezers

If your client likes a stunning volume eyelash look, these curved tweezers help you get them. They have a more gradual curve to their point, so they’re also called “J” tweezers.

The curved lash tweezers give you more room in that “sweet spot” to make creating a volume fan simpler! Furthermore, its precision tip provides the optimum amount of resistance for a good set of volume lashes.

7. Volume Lash Tweezers

It’s great to have control when it comes to handcrafted volume fans. Of course, that includes control over your lashes! The volume lash tweezers include a sharp curve at the tip, which is reminiscent of the letter L. So, these tweezers are also known as L tweezers!

8. Round Volume Lash Tweezers

Round volume lash tweezers are similar to volume eyelash tweezers, the difference is the more rounded tip. You can create volume fans without losing any extensions because of its short base and firm grip!

How to choose the best eyelash extension tweezers

When it comes to choosing your perfect eyelash extension tweezer, there are some things that will help determine what type of tool is right for you:

– How much money do I want to spend?

– Am I looking for eyelash extension tweezers just for myself, or will I be using them in a salon/spa environment?

– What kind of eyelashes does my client prefer (Classic vs. Volume)?

Using the above information, you can now shop with ease!

How to hold eyelash extension tweezers?

There are two key points to consider in eyelash extension tweezer grip:

– The angle of the eyelashes you’re putting on

– How much pressure is needed when applying eyelash extensions.

You will need less pressure if your client prefers volume eyelash styles than if they prefer classic lashes. This means you will have to hold the eyelash extension tweezers lower.

The type of eyelashes your client prefers should be taken into consideration when you’re holding eyelash extension tweezers as well. If they prefer a more delicate look, then it’s best to use an isolation lash or pointed curve style eyelash extensions tweezer.

Just check the best tutorial from Lost Artistry Lash as below.

Eyelash Extension Tweezer Care Tips

Eyelash extension tweezers are a valuable investment for eyelash technicians. They play an important role in the eyelash application process and must be kept clean and free of oils that can affect your eyelashes or skin around the eyes during this sensitive time period. Here’s what you need to know:

– Never use eyelash extension tweezer tips for any other purpose than eyelash extension application. This is critical when it comes to keeping your skin and eyelashes healthy!

– Before doing the job for each client, clean the eyelash tweezer tips with alcohol or eyelash adhesive remover so that you’re not transferring oils onto their lashes during the process. These oils can lead to eyelash loss and eyelid irritation.

– Use separate tweezers for the thin lash extensions (like 0.07mm) and thicker lash extensions. For different lashes, it requires different tensions on the tweezer. 

– Clean eyelash extension tweezer tips after completing each client’s job with alcohol or eyelash extension adhesive remover. This will keep your tools sanitized and free of oils that may damage the fine points of these precision devices.

– If you rest the tweezers on the pillow or lash bed, they may slip and fall (and be damaged). Keep the tweezers on a non-slip surface such as Silicone Work Pad. 

– When not in use, keep the tweezers in the tweezer case or tweezer stand.


Eyelash extension tweezers are an essential part of eyelash extension application. They can help you achieve the perfect eyelashes for your clients!

The above-mentioned eyelash extensions tweezer types will help you get more information about eyelash extensions, which is helpful for choosing, holding, and taking care of your best eyelash extensions tools.

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