A Newbie’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

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The stress of the first model set. The confusion on the lengths, diameters, and weights. Will I be a good lash artist? What product line is the best for me to use? I’m sure you also remember those feelings during your first introduction to lashes, or your first lash course. I can remember sitting back thinking to myself, “Is this going to work for me? ” or “Am I seriously going to master this?” We can’t forget, “who is going to lay for 5 hours to allow me to do this? ”

A proper arsenal of product knowledge before you go out into the world of lashing is vital. Competition is getting bigger and bigger with everyone realizing the entrepreneurial benefits of working for yourself as a lash artist, lash brand, or lash trainer. The product choice is crucial for your success during the early years because you are practicing for your first2 0 or so sets. You want the groove to set in, and you want to feel comfortable before you start charging your clients. So how do you feel comfortable with products with the flood of new brands popping up? You need to know what to begin with, how to choose quality products and understand the reasons why to avoid the cheaper options.

When I first dipped my toes into the lash industry, I knew it was going to be with Borboleta Beauty. Lacy Baluta, a Borboleta Regional Educator, kept me on my feet when it came to signing up for a course. I couldn’t stop thinking about her persistence, but also the kindness that she and the other Borboleta girls I met extended to me. Coming from the hair industry, I knew how important it was to align yourself with a brand that you trust! Building a relationship with the people that foster the brand can make you feel more connected and more in tune with the work you do.

Another great benefit of partnering with one brand when you’re first starting out is the possible chance that they have a partnership program. This means that you can buy a larger quantity of products, but save some money in doing so. When you are first starting out, it is hard to say how much product you are going to need, by getting a more significant order you can test the waters and see how much you actually go through on a day-to-day basis. Try different types of tweezers, lashes, adhesive, aftercare at a lower price. Knowing what products work best for you and your clients will save you money and ensure quality. When you are first starting out in the Lash Industry, you need to be mindful of what money you’re putting out while you are still growing, but always invest in quality products so your clients will invest in you.

One of the benefits of the beauty industry is the flexibility of branching out. You will know what you want, how you like your lashes, and what type of adhesive works best for your location. That’s when you can try other brands.Take a little bit from here and a little bit from there. Keep the original brand your hypothetical Pinterest board, and add to it. I believe every brand has something good to offer; it’s totally okay not to like everything.

It’s easy to choose a product line when it aligns with your values, is a quality product, and supports you as an artist. I like to look at a few factors when I choose a product brand to spend my money on:

  1. Make sure you are reading reviews. There are always going to be a few bag eggs in there, but sometimes context is everything.
  2. Ask what your fellow lash artists’ are using. Attend product webinars and training. 
  3. Does the brand have excellent customer service? You need to be able to get ahold of them to troubleshoot if something isn’t working. Any feedback is good feedback; chances are higher than a brand will stay on top of making the products better.
  4. Use the products for a few clients or models, make a note of what you used, and test the retention when they come back. This is a considerable time and money saver if you figure this out.

When you are first beginning this new journey, it can seem overwhelming at times. Are the products good enough for my clients? Should I go the cheaper route and compromise the quality control and regulation? The industry is so new; there are so many things that could end up seeming like it’s too good to be true. Don’t fall for cheaper products, because the product you use is a reflection of your clientele, and the client can always tell. Go for the products that make your clients say-“That’s my lash artist.” 

I just have to pinch myself sometimes because I feel like being a newbie can be a scary experience, but the welcoming arms of this community have been the best feeling in the world. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be scared to reach out to fellow artists and get some tips. Most people are willing to share, and if they aren’t, then they are missing out on a new lash boss that is here to stay and slay.

By Steven Beauty

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