The Ultimate Guide To Flat Lash Extensions

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cashmere flat lashes on natural lashes

Flat lashes are a type of eyelash extension that has a flat, rhomboid base. They also have some useful qualities which make them different from the classic lashes.

What is the difference between flat lashes and classic lashes?

Flat eyelashes are flat and oval-shaped at the base, while regular lashes are rounded. This offers more surface area for an effective bond between lash extensions and natural lashes.

In addition to the more natural look of flat lashes, they also weigh less. They provide a classy effect of a thin lash extension without adding extra weight. With a thickness of 0.15mm, they feel like thin classic lashes (0.07mm). You can achieve darker, fuller lashes but won’t feel uncomfortable or damage your natural lashes. This makes flat lashes perfect for clients who have short & thin natural lashes.

Besides, you can only ever put a flat lash in the top or bottom part of your natural lashes. But for full lash extensions, you can have them in either a top, side, or bottom position.

Are flat lashes better?

If you want fuller-looking lashes without adding weight to your natural lashes, then try flat lashes.

Focus’ Flat lashes are around 75% thinner than standard mink lashes. This means that they weigh less than half of what regular lashes do.

Flat lashes are a go-to for clients who want the drama but can’t handle the weight of regular lashes.

Focus Lashes supplies you with the following Flat lashes:

Flat Lash 0.15, 0.20


Benefits of flat lashes

– Adhere better, long-lasting beauty

– Create volume effect without adding extra weight

– Gives you a chance to experiment with trendy, edgier lash looks

– Without extra adhesive, easy for application

How do you use flat lashes?

To apply cashmere lashes, you need to use a specific technique with just a tiny amount of glue. They have a unique base shape, which requires them to be positioned on the outer top or bottom of your natural lashes. Some people might not realize this because they are used to applying traditional false lashes.

A common question for beginners is whether they should use flat lashes as a set on their own. Flat lashes are designed for adding volume to existing sets. We recommend using them together with other lash sets because when they’re applied on their own, you can end up with a fake or too-perfect effect. If you want a natural yet meaningful look, go for medium-length flat lashes. They’ll blend seamlessly with your other extensions.

How to apply flat lashes?

For flat lashes application, video is better for understanding than words. Just check LBK’s full set using the FLAT LASHES tutorial as below.

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