Tips For Sleeping With Lash Extensions

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sleeping with lash extensions

When you get your lash extensions done, you may wonder if you can sleep with eyelash extensions.

The answer is yes. But you’d better care about your sleep position. 

Best Position To Sleep With Eyelash Extensions

If you are sleeping on your back, congrats, you get the best position to sleep with eyelash extensions. It avoids any pressure or friction for your lashes and ensures your beautiful lashes keep well.

If you are a side sleeper, it is okay too. Just do not surprise if you find some lashes on your pillow when you wake up.

If you are a stomach sleeper, unfortunately, it will be harmful to your lash health. Your perfect lashes shape will get awful, and the shedding process will speed up. So cut out this sleeping habit if possible.

Best Pillow For Eyelash Extensions

Apart from the sleep position, the type of pillow cover is also vital for the lashes effect.

May you get used to sleeping with cotton, velvet, polyester, or linen pillow covers, but they will lead to premature shedding of eyelash extensions due to coarse friction.

Unlike the above pillow covers, a silk pillowcase is your best choice. It is soft and smooth and avoids any lashes getting caught or pulled.

Also, it helps you to keep nice skin with fewer wrinkles. So if you like anti-aging, pick it!

Best Eye Mask

Would you like to sleep with an eye mask for your tired eyes?

No problem. 

However, instead of a regular flat sleep mask, you need a cupped one to prevent your lashes from getting crushed.

With a 3D mask, you can sleep on your side without worrying about your extensions rubbing against your pillow.


To ensure that your eyelash extensions last long, the 1st step is to have a correct sleeping position. As a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, changing the sleeping pose is hard for you initially, but it will pay off. 

The next thing is to get a silk pillow cover. It is the ideal choice to avoid tangling and snagging lashes.

If you like sleeping with a mask, then do a 3D one. Or it will damage your lashes. 

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