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According to the ABC News Report, the Lash industry will become a $ 1.5 billion industry in 2023. Many vendors are coming out with the booming industry. However, it is still quite hard to find the right eyelash extension vendor. 

In today’s post, I will show you the top 12 lash vendors in the USA. 

Focus Lashes

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Focus Lashes is a Chinese eyelash extension factory committed to offering the best private label eyelash extension solution. Established in 2000, Focus Lashes manufactures high-quality eyelash extensions and supplies for over 8000 brands (70% from the USA market).

Located in Qingdao, the company has 137 staff in manufacturing, packaging, and distributing. To get the top eyelashes-making process from Korea, the company paid 20K USD dollars to learn before. That is why the company has grown to be the leading eyelashes extension vendor so quickly. 

Xtreme Lashes

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Almost everyone knows Xtreme Lashes in the eyelash extensions industry, but you may still be surprised that the owner was a nurse before.

Founded by Jo Mousselli in 2005, Xtreme Lashes has become one of the most trusted global lash brands with a 50 countries network today. The company also has over 20,000 trained stylists because of Jo’s educator expertise with precision and accuracy.

The Lash Professional

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In 2006, Vanessa started her lash journey inspired by a friend who added them to her beauty pageant regimen. She knew eyelash extensions would be a big thing once they were affordable. 

Throughout the 15 years, Vanessa opened six successful lash salons and created a successful lash brand. 

Thanks to Vanessa’s balance in being both an executive and a support companion for her friends and clients, she made a welcoming place in a world that sorely needs it.

Bella Lash

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In 2011, a couple got involved in the eyelash extension industry during their university period. They are Zach, who majored in Mechanical Engineering, and Haley majored in Nursing. They created Bella Lash after being frustrated with the poor training courses and inadequate products.

Two years later, they get the first product patent. With re-invest and grinding, now they are growing faster and have their production base in the USA. 

Although some of the products are still being manufactured overseas, Bella Lash has the highest standards from its suppliers. Their meticulous care can be seen in each one of their products.

Lash Affair

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In 2013, Lash Affair was founded based on Jenelle Paris’s passion, creativity, and proudly challenging lash industry standards. Her goal is to raise standards of education in the lash industry.

Now Lash Affair is the leading brand for luxury eyelash products, services, and certifications worldwide.

Lavish Lashes

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After learning a new technique out of Asia for “semi-permanent” lashes, Mary Jane and Time found Lavish Lashes in April 2005. And they became the first company to establish its standards and professional requirements, including training and certification.

Today, Lavish Lashes continue to grow beyond Mary and Tim’s wildest dreams. Also, Mary has personally trained more than 5500 eyelash extension professionals in total. The current Lavish Lashes is the most trusted and leading brand for professional eyelash extensions and training. 

Lash Box LA

Lashbox Los Angeles Logo, Source: //

If you are in L.A., you should not miss LashBox LA. 

Before her career in Los Angeles, Kate was a lash industry professional and an avid customer for years. 

Because she had difficulty finding lashes that matched L.A.’s incredible style, she began to search for the world’s best products and became the boss of Lashbox Los Angeles.

With Kate’s outstanding efforts and experience, now LashBox LA delivers the highest quality lashes in the least amount of time and great value.

Yegi Beauty

Yegi Beauty, Source: //

Yegi Beauty started in 2015 as an eyelash extension services salon. With experience in business and accounting, Yegi used these skills to turn her love of beauty into a career. 

Due to the displeasure of the products and education, she launched Yegi Academy and product line soon. They are so trendy that she expanded into eCommerce, selling eyelash products online and launching online and on-site classes.

Today, Yegi Beauty has become one of the top brands in the U.S. for quality lash extensions and education. 


Glad Lash Logo, Source: //

With a passion for the beauty industry, Esther Bolkin founded Glad Lash in 1981. Then she purchased the best lashes distributing company in 1983 because she discovered the opportunities there. The business was growing, and in the 1990s, she took her business online and purchased the domain name

Because of the industry booming in the early 2000s, Bolkin’s small business was going to a new height. And in 2016, she made two unique brands: Glad Lash for professionals and Glad Girl for consumers. 

Now GladGirl offers a comprehensive product range, including eyelash and brow extensions, extension kits, application and maintenance tools, make-up, marketing materials, apparel, and gift items. They are also committed to providing quality training courses through Glad Lash Academy. 


Novalash Logo, Source: //

Sophy Merszei is a biologist and cosmetic chemist. She founded NovaLash in 2004. 

With the help of a physicians and scientists team, NovaLash earned its reputation as “the healthiest” professional lash extension supplier. And it quickly became the world’s first global distributor of eyelash extension products.

Now NovaLash offers superior products to thousands of salons and spas in the U.S and over 40 other countries as the industry leader. The training courses are prevalent in 50 states as well.

LivBay Supplies

Livbay Lash Supplies Logo, Source: //

Livbay started as a lash salon by Shauna and her husband Mike in 2015. The name inspiration is from their two babies Olive & Baylor. 

In 2018, they began to retail products with LivBay Supplies.

It is unbelievable to do the business from a negative bank account to eight-figure, but they did it. They are now the best lash salon in Las Vegas, with three Henderson, Summerlin, and Centennial locations.

As one of the top lash supply brands globally, Livbay also has a 13,000 sq ft warehouse.

Borboleta Beauty

Borboleta Logo, Source: //

Borboleta means butterfly in Portuguese. And it was created by Kim Jaynes in 2013. At that time, the lash industry is still in the initial stage. 

Because of disappointment about the product line on the market, Kim launched the unique brand. After years of effort, Borboleta has the softest, most natural feeling lash extensions. Also, they built a training program with the industry’s best educators to give both aspiring and seasoned lash artists the chance to master their skills with premier products.

Now they are one of the leading eyelash extension companies in the world.


Getting the right eyelash extension vendor is not easy. You need to research it. And the above 12 manufacturers are the best ones.

With 11 years of experience, Focus lashes are confident to do the work for you. Just feel free to contact us if any questions.

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