Top 5 Eyelash Extension Suppliers in Japan

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Japanese women generally have longer and fuller lashes than those of other Asian ethnic groups. Recently, long and voluminous eyelashes have become popular among Japanese females. According to a report, there are around 1 million people in Japan who wear eyelash extensions.

If you look to start a lash business or look for eyelash extension suppliers in Japan now, here is the place for you.

Focus Lashes

focus lashes china

Focus Lashes were established in 2010. They are located in Qingdao and are well known for their top-notch eyelash extensions. Working in this industry for so long has given them many opportunities to improve their service as well.

While so many low-quality lash companies are out there, Focus Lashes is committed to providing high-quality lashes to its customers. The quality control is from materials to delivery. The material suppliers used are environmentally conscious and well managed. They have all been audited by a supplier system.



Matsukaze Co., Ltd., started in 2005. It is an Osaka-based supplier specializing in eyelash extension goods and the number-one company by sales volume in Japan!

They can supply Japanese eyelash extensions, Japanese eyelash glue, Japanese tweezers, Japanese makeup kit, and Japanese cosmetics.



Matsuken is the premier company for eyelash extensions. They offer OEM/ODM manufacture and inspection, verification, and examination. Their advantage is artificial hair for eyelash extension and glue for eyelash extension R&D and manufacture.

Foula Store


Foula now has worldwide distribution networks in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Brazil. Their high-quality products and training have been spread by more than 120,000 lash artists and salon owners in 18 countries around the world. Every month, they can sell over 20,000 bottles and 100,000 extension trays.

Foula store also provides a revolutionary course in eyelash extensions with the original curriculum. They educate lash artists on how to choose the right products and on some of the basic knowledge related to eyelash extensions. Their goal is to educate lash artists on how to properly apply eyelash service to their clients to achieve a better result.

Eyelash Factory

eyelashfactory jp

Eyelash Factory is a 13-year old company that specializes in developing and manufacturing Hand-made eyelash extensions, adhesives & removers.

They are very active in the global market and supply customers with products that follow Japanese standards. Eyelash Factory is hugely successful, mainly because of its innovative approach. They work with industry partners and provide unbeatable benefits to buyers across the globe.


Lashes are a natural extension of the human body, so it is no surprise that people have been using them to enhance their beauty for generations. In Japan, eyelash extensions have been a popular choice for beautifying oneself.

The above list of 5 eyelash extension suppliers is the most popular in Japan. If you are looking for reliable suppliers, you cannot miss them!

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