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Social Media has so many benefits, and we understand that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming. You have nothing to fear, we have put together our tp 5 tips for creating valuable content on social media. Get that notepad and pen ready and let’s sweeten up your business!



Be the narrator and develop your online character to represent your brand image. With original ideas, look to gain trust by connecting and engaging with branded images, videos, tutorials, q&as.

There are plenty of free apps to help you get those creative juices flowing. Keep your content simple and to the point, tell your followers a story and keep it consistent with your brand.

Think about your content before you post. 

Does it help and educate your followers? Do you have the answers? Are you solving a problem? How can you help others?


Add your location and relevant hashtags to your posts; this gives you that extra reach.

If you want to build relationships with your customers online, consider adding polls, questions and quizzes to your stories. Understand and talk to your followers; they are (literally) at your fingertips!

You can also find accounts that inspire you, join a community and network, network, network! Once you make connections, team up, get tagged, GAIN THAT TRUST and repost the engagement and interactions to share this with your followers!


Make sure that all of the images and content that appears on your social media is branded. In doing this, you will avoid the risk of others stealing and using your content. Try to add your branding or watermark on a plain background which means it is easy to recognize. 

A watermark with your branding is you essentially “signing” your work. So it is just as crucial as copyrighting your logo or your business name.

You have done the hard work by creating the content so ensure you get the credit for it!


Brand consistency helps to create a strong pathway to brand awareness which is essential for customers to identify your brand.

Create a theme for the week; your content should be planned to ensure that you keep your social media alive and exciting.

Think about what would you like to see and what would be fun for your to create.

Try to create a different focus for each day; this means that visitors to your profile will keep an eye out for your content.

Think about what colors, styles and language you use. As long as you have everything integrated, and you stay consistent, your business will grow and stand out from the crowd!


Customers want to be able to see your brand as approachable and personable. They should be able to relate to the brand, and this can be done in a variety of ways.

Use customer reviews to show off what is great about your brand. Customers trust their peers’ opinions more than any advert.

Use your social media channels to show the day to day goings-on in the workplace.

Make sure your brand voice is relatable to your target market; this will increase the chances of getting them followers up!

Show off your staff and your story, and customers want to know who you are and your journey.

We would love to know how you get on with our tips. 

Keep it sweet!

Rachael and Sophia

(Rachael Griffin and Sophia Moghul are the co-founders of Sweet Talk Digital Marketing.)

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