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eyelash extension style trends

Eyelash extensions are all the rage these days. There is a huge variety of styles that you can choose from, and they’re great for any occasion. Whether you want to wear them on your wedding day or just want something fun and sexy for a night out with friends, eyelash extensions will make any woman feel like royalty. In this blog post, we’ll discuss seven different style trends in order to help you figure out which one is right for you!

1. Kim K Eyelash Extensions

If you want your eyes to make a statement like Kim’s, then this style might be right up your alley! The key to creating an eyelash extension look that looks just like hers is all about selecting extensions that are long, but not too thick.

2. Wispy Eyelash Extensions

This is also an alternating lash length method, like the Kim K Eyelash Extensions. The lashes’ length varies from short to long throughout the whole eye, rather than switching back and forth between medium and long. This emphasizes a fluffy rather than spikey look. It gives your eyes that all-night-long party appearance!

3. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Long eyelashes were popular in Russia back in 2010. However, a shorter and more dense style came into popularity because it looked like you were wearing eyeliner too.

4. Half Eyelash Extensions

The Half Eyelash Extension is the ideal choice for you if you’re going with a natural and inconspicuous eyeliner. It’s lightweight and elegant, making it ideal for that No Makeup, Makeup Look.

5. Textured Lashes

Adding a little flair to your lash extensions will provide each client with their own unique look. You may create a personalized feathery appearance without the lashes seeming false by mixing diverse curls, diameters, and lengths of lashes. Symmetrical, fully symmetric lashes are out, and textured natural lashes are in!

6. Ombre Eyelash Extensions

You can get eyelash extensions that are half color and half black. For example, the tips of your eyelashes could be pink while the roots on your eyelashes are black. The colors vary from salon to salon. This is a good way to add some color without going too far!

7. Bottom Eyelash Extensions

Of course, the bottom lashes must not be forgotten! When bottom lashes are visible, it opens up the eyes, giving your face a more streamlined appearance. It also makes your eyes pop! Wear this to formal or unique encounters to make a statement. There’s no need for bottom mascara! It’s less contour with more lashes!

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