Top 4 Things to Look for When Buying Wholesale Lashes

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If you are looking for wholesale lashes, one of the first things that you will want to do is research your vendors. There are many different companies out there that sell these products, and it’s important to find a company with quality control standards that meet your needs.

This blog post will help guide you through this process by providing information on 5 factors that can help determine whether or not the vendor is right for you!

Does the vendor have enough product knowledge?

Anyone can sell a newspaper. But only industry experts know the different things to do with eyelash extensions.

Just send an email to the vendor before you buy from them. They will answer your questions and that will tell you if they are a reliable company or not.

Does the vendor have any blog posts to share relevant information?

Looking for blogs on a vendor’s website is one of the greatest methods for a lash artist to learn more about their supplier. However, blog posts need to be done with patience. And most lash vendors do not have them.

In fact, a researched blog establishes a trustworthy reputation. It also adds value and indicates that they’re making an effort to provide a top customer experience.

Does the vendor have detailed product information?

When it comes to purchasing salon supplies, you want to make sure the items you’re buying are the right ones you like. Just ask for detailed images or videos before placing the order.

Or you can check the product reviews if they have. However, some vendors are doing fake reviews in unregular ways.

Is it easy for you to find out more about the vendor, like their contact information?

You should easily find contact information anywhere on the website of the lash vendor. They will not mind communicating with you because they want your business.

If the company does not list their email or phone number, it might be because they are suspicious.


When you are ready to buy wholesale lashes, these top four things will help determine whether or not the vendor is right for you.

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