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wispy cat eye lash

If you’re looking for the perfect wispy cat eye lash map, then look no further! We have compiled a list of our favorite lashes to help you find your next go-to pair. Keep reading below for more information now!

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Map from @lashenvybyemmajayne

lashenvybyemmajayne wispy cat eye lash map

Hopeful humpday 🤷‍♀️

• This is the Kim K spikey map look.

• Curls used: CC for spikes, 0.05 D for fans 0.05, filling the gaps between spikes on the top layer with 9cm for that dark line, using the lengths shown for the middle and bottom layer of fans.
• Top Tips: do the spikes first, evenly spread across the top layer, around 10 spikes were used here.
• Spikes need to be 2 to 3mm longer than the fans.
• If you want to change the map or even do a shorter version, just use the 2-3mm difference tip as a guide for length changes 👌🏻
• While we are unable to work, it’s a great time to get creative using practice lashes, or even create strip lashes for clients 🥰

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Map from @teeslashlounge

teeslashlounge wispy cat eye lash map

hi guys! I’ve created this little diagram to show my fellow lash bosses how I personally create my wispy lash sets. ⁣
1) I always start with the ‘𝘴𝘱𝘪𝘬𝘦𝘴’ and use my longer lengths of 18mm to create these. These longer lengths make or break your wispy set!⁣
2) I mix up my diameters and curls, switching between D Curl 0.07/0.03 and C curl 0.07.⁣
3) wide fans will give you wispy goodness. Narrow fans will help to create that 𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐒𝐈𝐓𝐘.⁣
4) fullness of the set will obviously depend on clients natural lashes. Please advise accordingly! ⁣
Now, it’s your turn to create those fluffy beauties!😍🔥 have fun with it and mix it up every now and then💜⁣

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Map from @wisplashuk

wisplashuk wispy cat eye lash map

Mapping for this ultra wispy set

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Map from @lash.creations

lash.creations wispy cat eye lash map

Wispy volume lash map! This is my most requested look and I’m here for it! 🤩 Clients when booking with a lash artist, it is always good to show them a reference photo of what you want but keep in mind all lash artists work different, have all have unique styles so when deciding who to book with for the best results look at their portfolio versus a photo from someone else or off of google! Also, results will look different on every client as everyone has different eye shape, amount of naturals lashes and face features.

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Map from @jadadidmyminks

jadadidmyminks wispy cat eye lash map

Sultry cateye’s w/ a touch of wisp for fun 🤤

Wispy Cat Eye Lash Map from @blossom_bb_beauty

blossom bb beauty wispy cat eye lash map

Oh hello 😍 currently the longest set I’ve done. I remember thinking my 13mm sets were long 🙈

Talk to me about lengths, whats your favourite go to length?
Are we long, slinky lovers or a fan of the lil shorties?

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