3 New Eyelash Extension Techniques For Lash Artists

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Lash artistry is evolving with so many different lash types available. Layers and side by side lashes are now becoming popular for customers who want to go for a more voluminous look than ever before. At the same time, as we’ll see, other lash techs are finding some clients are going in the opposite direction.

Mixing up the look of your lashes is a great way to tap into and be true to your authentic self. Lash techs can experiment with different techniques that will allow them to do more and push their skill set beyond what they were doing before.

New D Curl Lash Mixology

Been a while since you’ve indulged? This is your chance. We’re back to getting back to regular and now you can show off those lashes with an old favorite, the C curl! At the same time, the D curl has really caught on lately and it’s more popular than ever. The results are astonishing and you don’t have to look too hard to notice it.

But that’s not all: lash mixology is becoming more advanced, with innovators adding C and D curl to the CC curl. Doing so will create a look that’s even more lifelike and eye-catching than ever before.

Shorter & More Natural

What you might find surprising is how shorter, more natural lashes have also grown popular in recent years. Clients who opt for this look see it as alluring, a return to innocence: less Cardi B, more B Curl? Whatever the reasons, sometimes subtlety in lashes is demanded, and lash artists must provide!

One small benefit of going for less drama is that there are so many other options that it’s hard to get bored. From making things less intense to presenting them in a new way, these ideas can all be used to create more “stylistic” drama.

B curls are the most popular, but they can be heavy if the client wants something more natural. In this case, you can evenly distribute the lashes curl starting with an I and then a J, with Bs thrown in for good change. This combo can give client the slightest hint of style.

The Wet Look

People have been obsessed with mixing lashes lately, but they aren’t the only option. As facial masks become less popular, there’s more chances to show off the beautiful face. That’s why wet-look lashes are a really hot trend for lashes! If you want to stay up to date with eyelash extension techniques, this should be one of the things you’re savvy about.

With the use of narrow and tightly-closing volume fans, the client gets fuller lashes that look like they haven’t quite dried yet.

Lean In

There are many different eyelash extension techniques and it’s always changing, so if you see something new this month, chances are that next month there will be a different technique.

It can be hard to keep up with the latest beauty trends, so why not use fashion magazines to your advantage? They often clue people in on which styles will make a comeback or what’s coming next.

When you see new lash styles in magazines, the chances are your clients are, too. Avoid being left behind and surprise them with a new look!

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