5 Summer Tips for Eyelash Extensions

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summer tips for eyelash extensions

During the summer, it can be difficult to know how to care for your lash extensions and keep them looking their best. However, there are some methods that will prolong the life-span of your lashes while still giving you that desired look. We’ve prepared a list of some great tips below.

Avoid Direct Heat

While summer is nice, extreme heat (especially if you are on the beach) can be damaging to our lashes. Getting too sunburnt can make your lashes stick straight out and they may also feel weak and brittle – this is due to singeing. When at a campfire or grill, make sure not to stand too close or directly over the heat. This’ll help your lashes stay intact and looking beautiful!

Summer = More Sweat

When you run in the sun, you will get sweat. Unfortunately, sweating can cause natural oils from your skin to run into your eyes and affect lash retention.

We’re strong believers of the health benefits of exercise. But we recommend using a towel or sweatband when hitting the gym, and taking care to rinse off as soon as possible if doing something like hot yoga.

Swimming with Lashes

In the summer, it’s such a relief to go swimming! Most people wonder whether they can swim with their last extensions? The quick answer is yes. Just be careful because chlorine and salt water can have an effect on your lash retention time.

Therefore, always rinse your eyes with fresh water immediately after you’re in the pool, lake or ocean. Then, remove any excess water with a lash wand or patting (not rubbing!) your lashes dry. Keep your lashes clean and dry to keep them lasting longer.

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Getting outdoors more often can transfer all kinds of dirt and debris to your lashes. Clean them gently with shower water. We recommend this to avoid any buildup, which can decrease the lifespan of your extensions.

Giving your lashes a deep clean can be tough, but using a foaming lash cleanser and gentle extension brush regularly will make your eyelashes look fresh and new for longer.

Applying Sunscreen

Our last tip to share with you on how to keep your skin beautiful is a little different than all the others. We recommend wearing sunscreen before you go out and do your favorite summer activities. It’ll protect your skin from damage and is an absolute must for anyone who wants to maintain their flawless look.

However, it is important to keep in mind that many sunscreen brands contain oils that can lead to excessive lash shedding. You should avoid putting sunscreen directly in your eye area and allow it to fully absorb into your skin before going in the water or engaging in strenuous activities.

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