Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions

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brown vs black eyelash extensions

Many people think that lashes are only available in black. However, this is not true. There are a lots of colors to choose from and black is just the most popular one. Alongside all these, brown lash extensions have become really popular for their natural look.

What Are Brown Eyelash Extensions?

So, what are brown eyelash extensions? The main difference between brown lashes and black ones is that the former is with extensions dyed brown. But why would people want them?

There are a few reasons that someone might get brown eyelash extensions instead of black ones. On the simplest level, there are people who want fuller, more luxurious lashes.

One of the benefits to using brown extensions over black, is that they tend to be more natural looking and can create a more unique look. It’s also one important because it personalizes the extension being worn. Let’s have a look at the points in the brown vs. black debate!

Why Do People Get Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Black lashes are known to make people’s eyes pop, but they’re not right for everyone. Some lighter hair colors or skin tones can still seem a bit off when paired with black lashes. For these people, it doesn’t make sense to get black lashes extensions that they will later color with mascara.

If you are a blonde or redhead, inking an eyelash color change is not a good choice. You still need to worry about mascara base. If you want to get your lashes done and are looking for the easiest solution, then brown eyelash extensions might be the best way. It helps to get beautiful, long lashes without having to worry about getting them mixed up with your other makeup. Brown lash extensions come in a variety of different shades so there’s bound to be one that you really like.

However, that isn’t the only reason to get the brown eyelash extensions.

Some people with darker hair also want to lighten their lashes by getting brown extensions. This gives a more natural look without being too flashy for them.

What About Black Eyelash Extensions?

Brown eyelash extensions have been talked about a lot lately, but let’s be honest: black eyelash extensions give people that classic and timeless look, so they never need to feel pressured to get lashes of any other color. Black eyelash extensions are definitely a way to add glamor and volume to your eyes without having to resort to someone else’s color.

You’re most likely to see black eyelash extensions on someone who has darker hair. It can look a lot more natural than on others, because it blends better. However, brown lashes could end up looking more favorable if someone has a dark brown hair!

For a beautiful look, black lash extensions are perfect. But what if the person wants to go even more dramatic? The solution is with just a little water-based mascarause on their black eyelash extensions.

Brown Vs. Black Eyelash Extensions, Which Will It Be?

When choosing between brown or black eyelash extensions, you have to consider things like hair color, skin tone, and the desired look. For some people, brown lashes are more natural and black lashes are more dramatic. Others feel the opposite way around.

No matter if you need brown or black eyelash extensions, Focus Lashes is your one-stop shop for all the lash essentials for eyelash extensions – from lash packs to gel eye pads. Contact Focus Lashes expert today to see all the lash supplies you and your clients need for their eyes!

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